The Haves & the Have Nots Season 5 Episode 1


  • Lovë 22

    Can someone please take Jim out , I’m so tired of his smug ass!

  • Demarkus Catron

    I knew Tyler would wait til the last minute to show if Veronica is alive but damn they literally waited til the last 1:00 minute. 😂😂 Tyler is so predictable sometimes but I keep coming back for more.

  • linda

    Never knew Veronica could say the word PLEASE nice to hear her say it though. i would have done the same if i was Melissa like let me sit pretty while i watch u burn bitch

  • The truth

    This show has some much potential to be a bang….been waiting for the day that God will enlighten Tyler mind and give us what we want

  • peep

    yaaaaaasss! I love how this show just pops up on us.

  • Sunandstar

    Since Veronica is not listed in the photo above I guess we can say she is not coming back?

    • Lovë 22

      I almost the same but then realized evil doesn’t die lol!

  • Michael Jenkins

    I am so sick of Justin, he is so obsessed with Jeffrey.

    • IAmLawlessBrooks

      He got a taste of that BBC lmfaooo

      • That’s what it will do to you lol 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • IAmLawlessBrooks

    Gawd Candace you came back this season blaming people for your own SHIT again! steupes


    This shit still plays ? I always thought the acting was so bad lol.

    • Rigby

      i have not see this show since candace bro got hurt. its very bad acting but i think its supposed to be like the soap operas.

  • Mack

    It’s Hannah’s fault he got killed because if she wasn’t stuck in that slavery mentality, she would’ve accepted Ms Criers invitation to stay at her house not once but multiple times she asked. She also met with War & one of his homies followed her to the hotel… Yeah, it was Candances problem, but Hannah made things worse. I be forgetting this a scripted tv series lmfao, I be glued to it, Tyler Perry always know what to do!

    • Pebbles

      Hannah has selective amnesia, she don’t ever mention the things she does.

  • Frank Grimes

    1) Jim sounds like a game show announcer. Now, he’s using Ebonics? (“These bitches out here trying to get my money”) Come on, Tyler!
    2) The Jeffrey/Justin storyline is tired. I don’t know which audience that is for. Most of HAHN fans are middle-aged church ladies. Maybe they get turned on by that like men get turned on by lezzy stuff.
    3) How does your car flip over 1,000 times and you survive? Come on, Tyler!
    4) I’m gon need Wyatt to take a bath. I can smell him through the screen. Yuck!

  • jus_saying

    So Hannah was too proud to stay at the Cryer’s house as a guest but not too proud to accept it as a gift?

  • Rigby

    I have not seen this show since Candice brother got hurt..someone PLEASE enlighten me… did Jeffrey EVER get Wyatt??? lol he was on it lmao, thats the only reason i tuned in.

  • Caligirli

    the worst writing ever, if TP is the only one writing he needs to hire some talented writers. the dialogue is absolutely horrible and just plain boring. i hope it gets better