black-ish Season 4 Episode 11


  • Abstruce

    “Can you say those again so we can write it down?” LMAO!

    • NewbieNubian

      Funniest little part of the episode to me. That whole exchange. And even the board saying Olden times and then having a video tape and cassette on there.

      • Abstruce

        As a millennial, I was lowkey offended by her classifying recent technology as old. lol

  • NewbieNubian

    I never thought I would live to see the day Rashida Jones played a black woman in one of her roles. Her race is never clearly defined, but she’s always in some white move with some white man. They must have given her some darker makeup and lighting cause she actually looked mixed to me for the first time. She sorta resembled Nicole Ari Parker in her youth. She did well in this role and I look forward to seeing more of her as Bow’s sister.

    That said, Bow quit her job to be at home more for the kids but Junior and Grandma is still the ones taking care of them? What is she doing? And why would a doctor buy her children such trash to eat? What kind of doctor is she anyway?

    • PR-85

      lol she’s an Anesthesiologist, I believe.

    • wrldpremierequeen

      Rashida has always embraced her blackness, and she can be cast in
      any role written for black or white because she’s well read.

  • MChantye

    So Raven Simone is a whole full blown chubby dyke, ewwwww. She was such a cute little girl. Wonder who turned her out.

    • Frank Grimes

      Answer to your question: One of them dykes from the MeToo movement.

  • Ttrini

    I love Diane lol lol 😂😂😂😂😂 her little savage looks never fail to crack me up lol

  • Frank Grimes

    Ruby needs her own show called Hoish. It’s a spinoff for Cinemax, targeting old women who keep having pregnancy scares. LOL. (This episode was decent)

    The joke about the parking attendant took me out. HILARIOUS