Scandal Season 7 Episode 6


  • From_Paris_With_Love

    Oh Olivia. You are your dad but even worse. I hate this new dynamic. I’m glad this is the last season. Terrible.

  • RealTalk

    Good lord I DO NOT like this Olivia Pope. Like I get they wanted to make the show go out with a bang, but man this is really dark. I’m use to seeing lying and scheming in Politics, but even this is too far down the rabbit hole for me. lol

  • i thought she may have behind’s funny to see her hiding in the bathroom in fear of being caught in her many lies…gotta give it to Jake he always stay at the same temperature..gonna be interesting to see if Huck or Quin’s hubby figures it out..let Cyrus be happy with “uncle daddy”….

    • Pebbles

      I knew from Olivia and Mellie conversation that speech about “do what you have to do and I don’t want to know the details about it” He was gonna die

    • Real Talk

      Huck will

      • Blah


    • Blah

      I was definitely calling him Hank all season lol. It’s kind of awkward seeing him in this role.

    • stillpretty

      He’ll always be uncle daddy lol

    • IAmLawlessBrooks

      uncle daddy lmfaoooooooooooooooo

  • Dev

    Daddy Pope helped Quinn fake the kidnap and she’s in Vermont with Fitz

    • Brooke gg

      i was thinking that aswell, why would anyone take quinn, if Liv was the one behind it. Also, don’t trust Jake. His little speech, I bet papa pope is still his command and his still following his orders.

    • DaysofWineandRoses

      He makin’ jam, she makin’ baby food.

    • stillpretty


  • AnalogGirl

    I never thought that i would NOT like Olivia

  • Ancient Wisdom

    When Mellie tries to pull rank on Olivia Olivia looks at her like b**** you tried it, next… and proceeded to do what the f*** she wants to do! Cyrus Cyrus Cyrus, soooo, you’re going to breach security clearance over some shriveled-up old ass D?

  • Brooke gg

    Poor Charlie.

  • Ghanaian Groove

    Melly Mel took Quinn or Fitz bc they know b6-13 exsist

  • Real Talk

    Liv: Who took her?
    Me: Papa Pope. Oh! I thought you knew Command!

  • NoFilterMel

    This is really dark, never thought I could hate Olivia. I’m thinking Quinn was kidnapped for her own good. That was a good twist because I really thought Liv took her to protect B613…

  • Shante’ Kaneisha

    i was troubled in my sleep last night. this show woke me up. something’s not right about the quinn situation. the engagement ring was left home. with cleanser on it. but quinn was in the elevator at OPA when she was taken. why did she leave the ring behind? is rowan doing this? i like how olivia was shaking in her boots. i hope jake is still working for rowan. he is and forever and always will be COMMAND.

  • DaysofWineandRoses

    Welp…apparently Liv and everyone around her is going to learn the hard way that “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. That said, I have a feeling if she would’ve just given her daddy back his damned bones, we might not be here in this particular situation, lol.

    • Ancient Wisdom

      I think you’re right. The only semblance of normalcy this man has in his life is his love for anthropology and when she snatched his bones away I think in his mind it was like okay game on!

  • Ancient Wisdom

    So they’re just going to send Olivia out as a mass murderer? Wow Shonda, just wow!

    • Ang

      Hasn’t she been on for years?

      • Ancient Wisdom

        Her Associates definitely were. Who did she kill before this season?

        • Marie

          She was the one giving orders so she does have blood in her hands

        • Ang

          Her associates were killing and torturing on her behalf….just like B613 did while Command never got his hands dirty.

  • stillpretty

    Where is Mamma Pope? I forgot what happened to her…? Anyway something tells me this is her in an attempt to save her ‘baby’ from becoming a monster like her

  • Bre

    Yawn Shonda. You did too much.