Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 15


  • dymonsatl

    Now Ralph Angel, she did NOT say that he wasn’t your son. I know you’re upset, but she said that she wasn’t sure if he was your son. (Ok let me finish watching the rest. Just venting)

    • chasingcheques

      i thought the same thing, i said I know Ralph angel aint changing up that girls words.
      But I hope she does not all off the wagon.

      • dymonsatl

        I thought that too. I’m like, please don’t let her revert back to her old ways. Stress will definitely do that to you.

    • Ang

      That’s the same thing I was saying. Man, even when RA has my sympathy he annoys me. It’s a huge deal that Blue might not be his son and I thought his emotional breakdown was justified. But, there’s a huge difference between telling the family Blue isn’t his and Blue MIGHT not be his.

      • Jamie Mason

        Thank you!

      • Jamie Mason

        So how long is it gonna take for them to do a paternity test? Watch they act like they in a.b. and never discuss it for like a-whole-nother season. TP & Oprah be killing me with their soap operas and dragging every damn scene out with so much silence. You waiting like shit for a mofo to say what’s clear and then they beat around the bush or tell half ass info. Irks my nerves man. 😤😤

      • dymonsatl

        My thing is, when he decided to give her a second chance, that should have culminated all the drama that she had in her past. When she was high on drugs, he had to know that she did a lot of really terrible things. Thing unfortunately comes with the territory, but that kid loves RA and if anything, RA should stick with him until he hears something. He’s wasting a lot of time avoiding him, only to find out that it may still be his son.

    • Jamie Mason

      I said the same damn thing. Then, he decides to neglect the little boy while he’s going through his little phase. But why it take him so long to say the shit…and then twisted the shit. Pissed me off!

  • That_damn_Vallo

    The struggle is real for Ralph angel and them tears.

    • dirtychai

      His eyes dryer than a desert.

      • Jamie Mason


      • Ang

        I don’t know why Ava doesn’t get him some artificial tears. A lot of actors use them.

    • IAmLawlessBrooks


  • Abstruce

    I know when we face challenges, brothas and sistahs, we can become defeatists, but we can’t let nothing or nobody hold us down. ✊🏾

  • dirtychai

    They threw the book at Micah, but good for him fir standing up.
    The way the Landry boy came at Charley with that ol’ shit-eatin grin, like she was just supposed to fall to her knees at the idea of partnering with him. So gross. RA loves being a victim. Just get a paternity test and know for sure before you drag the whole family into you and Darlas drama. That struggle crying gotta go too.

    • Ang

      Kofi/RA really needs to work on his acting when he needs to cry or be sad.

    • Jamie Mason

      His role is starting to bore me and piss me off. Im so over it!

    • dymonsatl

      I was proud of him. So many of our ancestors went to jail fighting for our basic freedoms, and I would rather go down fighting for a worthy cause, than standing for nothing.

  • MoMo

    Yh I think RA said Blue isn’t his bc he did some kinda math in his head with dates, and based on Darla’s trickin days he’s come to his own conclusion. Dude knows how to throw himself a pity party though, damn!

    • Jamie Mason

      Math in his head tho!?! Smh

  • Shaneice Knowles

    I sure wish Rah would just do a damn DNA test, instead of moping ‘n’ shit. He didn’t even tell the whole truth to his family. Darla said might not be, but he said isn’t at all. That matters, I think. If there’s a possibility Blue is his, he could just take a test and get the truth that way.

  • Santana

    🤔 soooo can they just do a damn DNA test already! I don’t recall Darla saying that’s not your son she said possibility!!! That damn girl gone relapse! It’s bad she held it in for so long but I give her credit for trying to make a bad situation right by not marrying this man knowing damn well that might not be his biological son!

  • Staleweaveburntedges

    I honestly don’t even wanna watch this episode . When I seen that RA just said that blue isn’t his, when darla said possibility I turned it off. I mean she did it for the greater good, but if it was me; I wouldn’t have said anything at all. I know plenty of people who do it, just turn a blind eye to it.

  • KewlQT

    Ralph Angel has selective hearing. Darla said ‘might not’ be yours. Get a paternity test bro!

  • Ancient Wisdom

    The Landry’s are schizophrenic! One wants to date her and do business. One wants to eliminate her competition but will partner in business with her. The rest want to destroy her all together. Darla and Ralph Angel have me confused. I thought the girl got raped and she wasn’t sure who the father is but Ralph Angel just said she told him straight up he wasn’t the father. seems like the first move after that discussion would have been a DNA test.