Gucci Mane & Keyshia Ka’oir: The Mane Event Episode 1


  • Juana

    BET needs to save it with the remaining episodes…defeats the purpose

    Kendall should’ve hosted at the end during the reception if they insisted on interviewing guests. It would come more natural joking around, etc instead of reading the stupid prompts

    Keyshia Dress > Kandis on her wedding special. Feathers done right

    • Kagem

      I think they should have done it the other way round, the eps leading up to the live wedding.

      Keyshia has waited a long time for this. She deserves this.

      • Juana

        Yes, if they didn’t plan on having a one night special, tv channels usually save this for the season finale. BET is so backwards

    • Kagem

      That said, I think there is a good chunk of people interested in Keyshia just judging from her followers and the success of her makeup line.

      • Juana

        Yes she pretty and seems level headed compared to the other IG folks who rose to fame.

    • Kagem

      Sorry I am spamming you but the Kendall guy is too nervous

      • Juana

        Yeah they are going in on his IG giving him advice to loosen up. He’s usually sharp so I’m surprised his coat jacket was ill fitted. Blame BET for everything. It was just off

    • tee

      Them dollar store beads child please they must be including the cars he bought for the rehearsal dinner

  • Riley Mutoki

    kendall was nervous but he did good.

    • Ms. Stay Focused

      Yea he’ll get use to it after booking some more hosting gigs!

  • The Randomone

    oh my goodness I loved everything about this wedding. She looked divine and I pray over their marriage. They did not skimp. And her dress is nothing like Kandi’s lol.

  • BoomShakalaka

    Kurreche did a great job hosting. She carried Kendall. Congrats to Gucci and Keyshia xxx

  • Kagem

    Been looking forward to this Yardie. Cheers

  • Kagem

    Karreuche is stunning

  • Kagem

    It’s good that Keyshia and Gucci went with BET for this series. It is a good home for them.

    I heard a few years ago that there was a pilot being filmed featuring Keyshia and some other Miami hotshot girls but nothing came of it.

    I give Gucci credit for doing this for her – and allowing us into seeing their dynamic.

  • Kagem

    Ugh I love Keyshia – I work in the cosmetics industry and she has really achieved a lot.

    Looking forward to this but not digging all white weddings.

    Karreuche looks super glam!

    LMAO they blurred out Gotti’s face, I am WEAK!

    Yatchy like ”Hi”

  • Kagem

    LMAO they blurred out Gotti’s face!

  • Tillie Dingle

    The man that said its his first wedding ..lololololahahahahahahahahaha tooofunny naahhh was that an act?… Congrats to the newly weds x

  • Viera

    im weak i cryed. much blessings to them, thanks yardie

  • Viera

    okay but why oh why was that room so small? i did not like the camera shots/angle’s. the diamond floor was great. and trina looked like a witch during the blessings haha, nice wedding

    • shasyl

      You all complain about everything f..king thing damn go get you a man and get married then.

  • FattianaAli

    So where are Keyshia’s kids and where are Gucci’s kids

  • Oriel Sampson

    How is that Gucci didnt have his best man hold the ring and then he gives her his ring to put his finger….This not right in no sense…Call me a hater but Gucci desire a chick that got her own too that point at least…sigh

    • pbrown0209

      First…what are you talking about?? You are a hater because Keyshia has her own money!! Do you know their story?? lol The only reason you’re a hater is because you could have easily googled a few things and didn’t….

      • SanMarie Kirk


      • Oriel Sampson

        I did say call me a hater…lol But then again, 2million dollars is money when she spending more than what she’s worth? And that 2million dollar net-worth is post on a non-accredited site. And you said she has her
        Same like you a hater to reality…lol but everyone has rights to be what they want and support who they want. %100 team-Gucci…

    • Kagem

      Gucci seems awkward with certain things

  • Ms. Stay Focused

    It was nice BUT was expecting more, looked like they just put diamonds on and around a runway…Keyshia’s dress was beautiful though loved it!

  • MuvaShay

    Karrueche i love you girl, but you’ve gotta practice your hosting some more, your uneasiness/anxiety made it a little awkward to watch… i could feel all of your nervousness through the screen :/

    • pbrown0209

      Agreed on that that hot comb!! lol But that wedding was super dry compared to Remy and Papoose’s!! Come on…admit it!! lol

      • KILLAHJ

        It was….dry.

      • MuvaShay

        i didnt see theirs… i’ma have to go find it now

  • ImAudrey

    I like the vows… “to create an environment for you to flourish in.” I love that.

  • Steph

    Why did they air the wedding before the lead up?

    • Kagem

      It makes no sense why they did this.

    • Moe

      It’s so strange.

    • niks

      I think because Gucci ‘invited’ to the wedding

    • niks

      I think it’s because Gucci ‘invited’ us to the wedding

  • yogie Arkue

    with all Kendall big mouth, he was nervous as hell


    Why did BET do this backwards ? lmao

    • JSF

      To air it on 10.17.17


    I don’t know why it annoys me when people don’t put down their bouquet to put the rings on, lmao.


    Something is really wrong with Ralo. Out of all the things to say, This mf said he wanted her to buy gucci a jet lol. We can tell this your first wedding baby

  • Ashley Chanel

    I can tell they spent too much time focusing on how the wedding looked instead of rehearsing. Someone should’ve been at the stairs to help with her dress (her dad)… why was her dad standing there if he wasn’t going to walk her down the aisle? It just looked a mess and super silly how she stood at the steps all awkward. All this shuffling for it to look a certain way that they missed the fine details. I could tell she was nervous about falling. I expected flawless hair. She’s gorgeous she could’ve done anything… the bun was boring but I guess I get the concept of wanting something elegant and subtle. They should’ve written their own separate vows. I expected so much more!!! It was so fast and boring. I DO look forward to watching the show — she’s definitely a strong woman with a great personality & Jamaican!!! I rate her beyond. The diamond tie was cooler on than I thought. Karruache did a great job hosting and looked pretty. Bestfriend should’ve sat this one out. He was dry af, looking like a deer in the headlights. I’m happy she didn’t have that wild ratchet girl in her bridal party omgggosh she’s so JA for that ahahaha! She knew it wasn’t a good idea, very smart. I love their grind and shine. Their fabulous lifestyle together will make up for anything missed. BET FUCKED UP though. Why do we want to see the wedding first then the process of preparing it???? Whatever. Congrats to this boss ass couple!!!

  • ♡Roshae♡

    Was the live? The production was shitty. Keyshia was the only one who actually marched. That white guy practically drag Trina down the aisle.

  • ♡Roshae♡

    Production was awful…

  • Anon

    i hate how Keyshia repeated her vows. no emotion in them at all.. yuck