Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 11


  • Pebbles

    Ralph Angel he fine and all but he annoying I don’t see how darla deal with him.

    I don’t like Will he seems sneacky

    All this time I thought the father cheated when in fact he didn’t .. nothing like having that extra piece to the puzzle to make it complete.

    • kkola

      I was glad they FINALLY gave a back story about the dad and the ladies he once was with.

      • Pebbles

        Me too! They were all mad with Charilie’s mother for nothing and it wasn’t even the way they thought it was all because of aunt Vi…

        • Abstruce

          That’s common. I told my gma that her beefs are hers, but unless someone is a predator or malicious, it’s petty and not my battle. I hate when ppl use your loyalty for their own selfish agendas.

        • SayWhatNow?

          I’m glad Nova made the right decision to make her own decisions to live her own life

    • Lovë 22

      I’m just trying to figure where does Ralph Angel fit in the timeline since he is the youngest and he and Nova have the same mother, the writers left that part out lol

    • DaChickWivDa90’sMusik

      THANK YOU! So sexy, but so sensitive. Too many issues, I would want 2 leave lol (but would dip bk often 4 the chocolate lol)

  • kkola

    Ralph Angel is sooooooooooo fucking annoying.

    • Abstruce

      He was easily insulted, when there was no offense. I’ve seen WAY WORSE in academic settings.

    • SayWhatNow?

      But don’t you know someone just like him? I do!

      • dirtychai

        Ralph angel is just like my brother! I was watching this like “Ain’t nobody talmbout you Junior!” Lol

        • Santana


    • mz queendiva

      He acts like a big baby

      • Bonquwisha Alize Jackson

        Dnt most men when u tell em no 😂😂🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

      • Pebbles

        He does,and I don’t see how this marriage will work.

  • Hater

    Why is Charlies Mother so annoying/know it all?

    • Santana

      Just like her daughter lol it’s entitled privilege

  • dirtychai

    Hollywood stay getting Aunt Vi together.

  • Santana

    Yassss Nova baby you better 👏🏾 Have 👏🏾 Yo 👏🏾 Man!!!!!

  • Santana

    Lawdddd my Auntie Vy is racist…I don’t wanna argue!!! but like she SAID her and Hollywood are from two different generations, now that don’t make her perceptions right but it gives a reasoning to her logic!

  • linda

    Charlie’s mum isn’t a bad person after all

  • Shaneice Knowles

    It’s about time Nova let that good ass chocolate man treat her right and be with her. Aunt Vi reminds me of a lot of the older generation, and I can’t fault them or her for that. I wish Nova got to know Lorna better growing up, so she wouldn’t have this negative thought pattern towards her. Hell, I was like that before, but I had to get to know the person. I still keep that person at arm’s length, and she’s been around since i was a pre-teen. i got to know her true character, even though she seems nice. Nah! Hollywood needs to say fuck it and get that dough, regardless of what his family thinks.

  • Ang

    Ralph Angel is so immature. He called the professor a know it all and he doesn’t see how ridiculous that is. He does know more that’s why he’s the professor SMH.