50 Central Episode 3


  • Pebbles

    Vince Swann who did the price is Aight is funny

    Toya was good.

    The female comedian was dry

  • micky

    This wasn’t funny at all

  • Nisey S.

    I just can’t support 50 after the way he publicly treats his son (all because he’s mad his mother put him up for child support when she was with him BEFORE he was even rich and famous). He doesn’t bash the Asian baby mama like that, and actually spends time with that son; and she likely was gold-digging on him like 99%of the chicks he’s gotten with since getting rich, so you know he’s kicking major coins to her for her son every month. I guess the kid that actually looks like him deserved nothing though. SMH disgusting. Don’t breed for these walking stereotypes.