Star Season 2 Episode 3


  • Ching Jay

    Mr. Wolf looking extra daddyish. . hehe

    • Blah

      Dadddyishhhhhhh!!! yasssss!

  • Pebbles

    good episode!

  • The truth

    That ratchet song though 😪😪💯

  • KashleyLove

    I love star ass! She just dgaf!

    • Ce Ce

      She’s trash what’s to love? the hoe has no boundaries

  • COCO 🌶

    I’m too lazy to watch this lol

  • MChantye

    Jude who plays Star can act her ass off in that role

    • Ce Ce

      It’s easier for her cause she acts that way in person too, she’s playing herself

      • MChantye

        ikr seems like it

  • Shaneice Knowles

    Saw this on live tv and was disappointed.

    I don’t see why they had Alex sing that song about her not wanting the ratchet life, but she over here going back to her man and even stole that bracelet.
    Star is a force to be reckoned with, even though she can be dumb and conceited sometimes. She is a boss, and she does things on her own terms. She’s ballsy, and I like it.
    Simone is lost and is finding her way, and that center is helping her. She may have made bad decisions, but I think she’s got a good heart.
    Carlotta doing a good job, but I think she should let Jahil help the girls.

    What else? I wish they’d do something better with the show.

  • Miss T

    Cotton was doing what in the shower🤢😷

    • alex

      someone let me know cause they havent made it clear in the show, did Cott get the sex change or not

  • vasy

    so did Jude (Star) get breast implants? she is looking extra thick…

  • almonimorris2012

    So we are going to ignore the fact that Star put her hand in man pants and then sniffed it walking off? Ew. 😂🤢