Empire Season 4 Episode 3


  • Ancient Wisdom

    Noooo Jamal, yu new piece of ass is the ops! A man in your position should background check potential suitors anyway, hell we all should for that matter. You didn’t get the least suspicious when the man kept pressing you to meet your father, constantly asking about your father? Getting all that intel about Luscious not remembering who he is was like taking candy from a baby. Madame Dubois playing the Lyon family like violin strings. Her day is coming though, Cookie & the OG Luscious gwan fyah burn Madame Dubois & that trisexual Taye DIggs. I use to have the hots for dude but ever since his swisher sweet Twitter rants, I can nah I can nah!

  • Kaylington Sans Merci

    One thing I can acknowledge about the blessing in Luscious memory loss is that each character finally gets the just do apology they have been needing in order to heal.

    Also, Jamal is an idiot.

    • April London

      Tht part abt Jamal tho 😂😂😂

  • Miss T

    This has become sunset beach🙄

  • Veronic Campbell

    Getting bored with this show….

    • Zuri A.

      Same… it’s background noise

  • MuvaShay

    i’m not buying this amnesia BS. been watching this show long enough to know it’s an angle Luscious is playing to fake getting back on everyone’s “good side” until everyone is too completely vulnerable to save themselves.

    • Ang

      I can’t tell if Terrance’s acting is unintentionally making the amnesia seem fake or if it really is going to be a scam Lucious is pulling.

  • Dev

    How did this show gentrify itself?
    When i saw Demi Moore last week packing that big case when all she ever wore was that grey T and the Olive green coat and Luscious was begging her to stay i’m surprised she’s gone.Are we suppose to forget how Andre was before and how he got here?
    Jamal found him a man who is not only better looking than him but can also sing better but we are still subjected to Jamal’s bleating every week over tracks.
    Mrs Do Bra looked incinerated when those women offered cookie the money

    • Ang

      I loved those women offering Cookie the money. They had to notice DuBois was the only one who didn’t offer. She’s a shady one.

      • MuvaShay

        look at it from another angle… The DuBois’ denied her request for a bank loan, i think they also sent them to “offer” her money that will somehow still be tied back to the DuBois’ which will make Cookie indebted to them + her son.

        • Ang

          I don’t think so bc she looked pissed when those women supported Cookie. Remember she was talking about Cookie for having money problems to those ladies before that? I don’t think she would be insulting her for being denied a bank loan if she knew those women had been through the same thing. I don’t think that’s something those rich women would tell each other under different circumstances.

  • Ang

    Andre walking out the bank in that suit and white hat looking like a backup dancer for Smooth Criminal.

  • Ang

    This DuBois storyline is dumb. How do they have time to devote their whole lives to infiltrating the Lyon family?

    Hakeem is so corny.
    Anika needs to take her baby back.

    Andre doesn’t have it in him to be the ruthless guy he’s trying to be. No way a cop would let a suspect know she’s watching him. What happened to Xhibit’s sister? They have so many characters on this show Lee forget to give them complete stories.

    Jamal goes from guy to guy and madly in love with all of them. Slow your roll. Jamal is a sucker. He really can’t see this dude is fishing for information. Jamal can’t be trusted with family secrets.

    • Lovë 22

      I agree I over the DuBois storyline!

  • Shaneice Knowles

    Saw this on live tv and was disappointed. This shit is boring now.

    Luscious’ memory is fine. He just acting this way for some attention ‘n’ shit.
    Hakeem ain’t doin shit.
    Jamal is too dickmatized to take his head out of his ass to realize this man don’t have nan feelings for him.
    The Dubois family is fucked up, especially the mom. She is one crazy chick, and I see she’s getting what she wants even at the expense of her own kids.
    Andre needs to hurry up and bust one with that cop and leave it at that. She’s too smart and quick witted to let his ass get in her head and try to steer some shit his way.

    What else? I only watch, because there’s nothing else to watch, and I be bored.

    • Zuri A.

      Same, it’s background noise now

      • Shaneice Knowles

        I’m thinking that to.

  • Lovë 22

    Seems like Lucious fake memory loss gained him some intelligence, he’s speaking all proper and mannerly!
    Lol oh snap Anika got that look in her eye, Tiana about to go tumbling down the stairs next lol!
    So we really supposed to forget about Nessa?

    • Ang

      OMG I was thinking the same thing about Lucious. I don’t know how memory loss changes your grammar, makes your voice different and makes you more liberal. If he forgot everything how does he even know about LGBT issues and being intolerant? They don’t know what to do with Lucious.

  • Abz Journallé

    i love andre and his dark skins