black-ish Season 4 Episode 2



    I love this show! we need to realize anything Tracee eliss ross touches is Gold. Bless Insecure just ONCE miss Ross!

    • stillpretty

      I love her so much!

  • NewbieNubian

    Bout to watch this when I get home, but comment family, have you heard Being Mary Jane got canceled??? I’m SICK 😭😭😭I didn’t know where to turn 😩😩😩

    • Pebbles

      WHy? it was just starting to get good? hopefully a different network will pick it up

      • NewbieNubian

        Really don’t know but Gabby posted about it today on IG.

      • PowerFanatic

        They are leaving us with a 2 hr series finale movie though.. i myself was just getting into it finally myself. So it is safe to say Im slightly disappointed. ALSO!! If you watch Survivors Remorse, its last episode will be Oct 22. I cant say Im not surprised though. That show was hard to watch. I didnt understand where it was going..

        • Pebbles

          No! I had no idea about the two hour episode.

          I only began watching it ( survivors Remorse) just recently.

          I think it’s a good show…,and it had a few good episodes.

          It was just missing that something…

  • Hope road


  • Bossinova BossLadyof Leisure

    looooooooooove it

  • Bossinova BossLadyof Leisure

    TRACEE has ALWAYS had a mean ass FRAME!

  • stillpretty

    I so love this show!! The new age Cosby show! I love that they are focusing on real issues and making people aware! I almost shed a tear when she broke down over the breast milk 😢