Bobbi Kristina


  • Sasa Belles

    This better be good

    • Keliyah-Renee

      Let us know!!!

  • RealTalk

    It must be a real slow time in production when Boobi Kristina gets a movie. This should’ve been about Bobby and his struggles before and after whitney, and how he’s a better person from it. With the success of the New Edition movie, his movie would’ve definitely been successful.

    • Abstruce

      I feel the timing is too soon for this movie too. It seems rushed, bc her affiliation w/ Oprah wasn’t even mentioned nor Kim Burrell.

  • MrsRoberts

    Vivica keep a damn job baby!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Get yo coin hunny

    • KashleyLove

      Girl in all the straight to TV movies. STACKIN!

  • Aja

    I’m only here for the comments. I can’t bring myself to watch this. It seems too raw, invasive, and unnecessary.

  • Librariesarefree

    Are they guessing about this child’s life experience, or did she write a book I don’t know about?

    • Tammy A. Brown

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  • Viera

    a very depressed but good movie, its a sad story, great actors, the lady that played witney channeld her good

  • pettypatty


  • mochamay

    This movie was incredibly sad…but also felt very intrusive on her personal life and felt like it was solely based on hearsay, not necessarily the true. Someone please correct me if I am wrong… but, how much is this movie true, and how much are they assuming this happened? I am sure Nick has never admitted to beating her or introducing her to drugs, so I am just curious on how factual this film is. No wonder Bobby Brown fought to stop the release of this film, this is not how his daughter should be remembered. Bobby Kristina had serious issues, stemming from growing up with addicts as parents, mom dying at an early age, being exposed to drugs at an early age, and Nick clearly taking advantage of her vulnerable state; but damn, I don’t know if it was necessary to put this out for public consumption. So many people in her life let her down, especially her aunts and uncles, and even father so honestly, the film should have highlighted that more than just focusing on Nick. They could have easily paid him to go away if that is only what he was after, as they claimed in this film. Anyways, my rant is over but at the end of the day, someone got paid for this film and I am sure we can count on the aunts/ uncles getting their checks from the production of this movie… not Kristina, not Bobby, not even Nick.

    • Khalifa White

      her friends came out and said that bobbi kristina told them that nick beat her and that they saw the proof that he did.

      • mochamay

        If her friends knew and her family suspected that he was manipulating her for the money, then they should have stepped up more to make him leave her alone. Like I said before, the family should be looking at themselves more, instead of putting all the blame on a 20-something year old money hungry kid. They were the adults who helped raise her and was suppose to be looking out for her. They could have done more, but let’s be honest, they were also too busy counting Kristina’s coins and trying to make TV deals to profit from Whitney’s death. ALL of this could have been avoided. Bobbi Kristina never stood a chance. πŸ™

        • AmiraAlexandria

          It’s hard to stop someone who’s self-destructing.

  • braveheart341

    I’m not sure how they came to the conclusion that this is what happened in Bobbi K’s life, but after watching this I had an epiphany: I think she committed suicide. If she truly felt that her mother died in her place, and if Nick was the user that he has always appeared to be to me, then he would not kill his cash cow. I believe that he was abusive and even a cheater, and he might have hit her that night that they argued, she felt alone in the world and missing her mother, and decided that she would join her mother, the only person she really loved. I think she felt incredibly alone after Whitney died.

    I remember many years before they even met Nick, when pictures of Bobbi snorting cocaine surfaced, i went on her twitter and looked at her photos. Something about her seemed very pained to me. I saw a stressed out and lost young girl, and an insecure one too. She seemed very insecure about her body. I remember when she was a fat lil girl, and then all of a sudden i saw her again and she was skinny but not toned and kind of flabby still. She seemed to have taken on the burden of her mothers addiction but not resentfully. They seemed like they had a very co-dependent relationship, which is expected of Whitney, I supposed, being an addict and all. Bobbi K just never stood a chance, sadly.

    I’ve always been really drawn to her. Like I felt something when I saw her pictures.
    From the moment I saw Nick in a photo with them I told my mother (a huge Whitney fan) he’s no good. He looked sleazy and greasy to me. His snakey little eyes I’m not surprised at all about him, but i’m not convinced that he killed her.

    • Elle Elegance

      I agree thoroughly with your assessment. I’m just two years younger than Krissi and I have always felt Krissi too and loved her. I just wish she got to have healthy love in her life. From young it was evident she went thru alot and she was truly a sweetheart. Monica even vouched for how Krissi helped her with Whitney when she lost her grandmother and fiancee. I’m not watching this just thought I’d check out the comments before watching Lhh hollywood. Your spot on, the best thing for us now to do is thoroughly accept Krissi is at peace and smiling at those who were truly for her and rooting for her.

  • body_rock

    Ok this movie is boring AF. I fell asleep on it twice. I will say that I was a little tired but damn. The lady who played whitney is good but she did not nail it except for the singing part. In that area she did bring it. I guess i will re attemp on a Sunday afternoon after I have had plenty of rest and there is nothing else to do.

  • Nicole Lee

    This almost feels wrong to even watch. How do they know all this? How did they come to these conclusions about what happened personally and privately between Bobbi K. & Whitney? I mean, I guess some of it seems accurate?

  • Ms. Stay Focused

    Idk…I think she killed herself to free herself from that hungry money control freak so she can be at peace with her mother. I think she was tired of fighting to feel happy and the void of not having her mother could not be replaced not even by Nick!

    • Courtney Street

      Right I think she killed her self because of nick. He was controlling and he wanted her money because he did not get any from Whitney.

    • Yetunde

      I don’t think it’s humanly possible to drown yourself.

  • tee

    I hate to say this yall forgive me but that little girl was doing drugs before Whitney died and maybe even with Whitney. Whitney was an addict. An addict just wants someone to get high with. I think she was so out of it she didn’t pay much attention to what her daughter was doing that’s how nick got to live with them at such a young age. Bobby was trying to get help but had his own demons with cheating and all the other stuff he had going on. I agree with Bobbi Kristina if Bobby was still there Whitney would still be alive . They leaned on each other a lot. This sounds like the pat Houston story here. Pat is that you. Vivca fox 🦊 you should have turned down that roll honey .

    • Librariesarefree

      I πŸ‘πŸ½can’t πŸ‘πŸ½stand πŸ‘πŸ½ Pat!!! She stays selling out her “family” for money. Just low down dirty

    • O.JvsBillCosby

      Cuz how tf they get Vivica a once A list star to do this shit. It was a good movie but Demetria from Love n Hip Hop was on her!!! Which she did her thing but from the reality show her aunt was all about money

  • Demetria so far so good.

    I haven’t even finished watching this. It’s sad af. How is anything of this even remotely true? Didnthry talk to Pat, or Nick money hungry arse.

    This movie is really breaking my heart. I feel really really sad for Bobbi Kris.

  • shasyl

    What did this child done to get a bio-movie on her.This is all about the coins and it is just sad.May watch when am really bored.

  • Ancient Wisdom

    At the least these assholes could’ve hired actors that actually look like the people they are portraying!

  • Kembella

    Demetria did a GREAT job as Whitney!!! Yes!

    • Killenem

      Yeah, except for the singing!

  • Dev

    This artistic version of Bobbi Kristina’s life was 45 minutes too long. Demetria playing Whitney would’ve been okay for less time but the same ad-libs/style of singing and high notes wore thin after a while because Whitney was more than that. There was also wrong casting across the board. That thuggish looking nick is far different from the soft looking Nick we know and have come to hate. Demetria looked nothing like Whitney, Bobby nothing like bobby and Vivica nothing like Pat although served aunt and villain in a botoxed facial expression.
    Tbh, someone needs to make a movie that is cinema ready and deserved of the Icon that Whitney Houston was in popular culture and in that show her family life, but Kristina spent so little time in the public eye that all this could be is speculation and that equates to it being pointless.

    • AmiraAlexandria

      There was the reality shows Whitney and Bobbi were on.

  • Miss T

    Demetria McKinney did an impeccable job portraying Whitney. Bobbi Christina was missing teeth when found in the tub. That weasel beat her up. So so sad.

  • Lixer

    This movie is one of the saddest things I’ve ever watched. Like literally depressing. It had no climax or anything. Just 90 minutes of watching someone grieve. I don’t know how they put the pieces together to create this story. This was very pointless and gave us no real insight on her life. It also screams Atlantawood.

  • body_rock

    Ok watched the whole movie finally and as I thought initially…WEAK!!! They put too much focus on her remincing about Whitney and going through the motions with Nick to really hone in on what her mental issues where. I think she had some mental issues long before her mother passed. And obvioisly whoever did this movie wated to make Nick look bad. And I don’t really remember…but what did Nick do to have the kind of money where he could be sued for 36 million dollars? I remember when everything went down. First with Whitney and then With Bobbi. Such a sad story that TV ONE did no justice. Some things are just better left alone.

  • Giselle

    The scene with Bobby and Whitney in the kitchen making sauce was comical 🀣 Demetria tried, bless her cotton socks! I was angered by how dumb they made BK out to be. Who gave this show clearance?? I think all these shows should stop now; let them rest in peace!

  • Wonder_Woman15

    Not watching blah

  • ~~eb

    This movie may be unneeded, but Demetria did that as Whitney.