Hip Hop Honors: The 90’s Game Changers Live Performances

Missy Elliott

Trick Daddy, Trina, Romeo, Silkk The Shocker & Xscape

Ty Dolla $ign, Kandi & Tiny, Warrne G, Fat Joe & Remy Ma

Lil’ Kim, Fabolous & Havoc

Mariah Carey, Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat, Mase & The Lox

  • PR-85

    Yessssss Missy!!

  • Zuri A.

    Enjoyed Missy. Who else did they tribute?

  • Chantel

    Speakers blasting so high!! Sorry, not sorry neighbors

  • ty dolla actually sound good and smooth with it..

    • Your Mama

      all this time i heard his name and I thought he was a rapper. He did well, but he made me really miss Nate Dogg. Nate Dogg was so smooth, i don’t think he gets enough recognition. RIP Nate.

      • Ms. Stay Focused

        Yea he raps and sing. He sung background in Big Sean’s song with Chris Brown “Play no Games” just to name a few

        • Your Mama

          oh cool, that’s actually my jam too!

  • Golden Fraser

    mariah performance was awkward AF

    • Koko Dizzle

      the lip singing boy

    • Your Mama

      somebody said she won the mannequin challenge. Was that supposed to be here dropping down the wall? I got so weak!!! then when she sat on the jet ski…CRINE!! LMAOOO.. I want to reach Mariah’s level of no fucks given.. it is epic indeed!!

      • Ancient Wisdom

        Everything you said I was thinking in my head as I was watching the show. Like there’s no way that was Mariah scaling down that wall the way she was acting like the Tinman in need of oil. She did indeed win the mannequin challenge that shit was so funny.

    • Ms. Stay Focused

      LMBO Mariah is standing still because she trying to keep the voice intact, sounds decent….

      • Royal 100%


    • Ruby

      Mariah Looking like a senior citizen. She was so stiff that even the cameras looked confused as to what was going on

    • Abstruce

      If Tanaka’s ass don’t gain some weight, or stop trying to carry Mariah, he’ll break his knee again. lol

    • april leigh-Williams

      I thought the same thing lol

  • Ancient Wisdom

    Bless Mariah’s heart. She needed those men to prop her up throughout her performance. That being said, her singing was beautiful. After that fiasco or two a little why back, I guess she didn’t want a repeat. I enjoyed the performance yet thought most were too short. I was smiling and dancing, I had a great time, lol.

    • 3ΧριίȻίτ


    • Your Mama

      exactly, they need to do part 2 and 3, etc, a lot of folks were left out and the show seemed rushed, performances too short, but Mariah did hit them notes hunty!!

  • Stephy.

    Missy did the damn thing. Mama Carey needs to go sit down but that won’t happen, po’thang.

    • Viera

      hahaha leave mimi she needs help

    • Kae

      She needed two dancers to walk her two steps forward….really??

  • Queen Sairah

    Mariah. You couldn’t walk alone?? You need assistance?? You couldn’t do a little two-step??

  • Viera

    Missy yess, Kim gave lifeeee i had flashbacks , kandi and tiny oh yes no scrubs classic, it was nice to see warren g, and im a no limet fan so that was fun

    • Your Mama

      yes! agree with everything u said, i just thought they could have had chili and tboz there to sing no scrubs instead of kandi and tiny. They did good with the Xcape song though.

      • Viera

        yes i agree i missed them (tboz and chilie, i also understand they write the song (tiny and kandi.

        • Your Mama

          oh that’s right! They did write it, ok that makes more sense now.. i thought Vh1 was just being cheap, getting a 2-for-1 performance outta Xscape.

          • Viera

            whahahaha a 2 for 1

  • linda

    Yesssssss Missy homie killed her performance that was so interesting to watch but Hmmmmm!!! Grandma Mariah need to sit her lazy down and just enough her money she shouldn’t be allowed to perform at any show since her body too heavy for her to lift……. put it to rest ma, give it up already.


    Remy dressed like she cruising on rough seas

  • ghost of biggie

    mariah went stiff as a board why tho lol she getting tire of the industry she’s over it

  • Dev

    Imma sound old… but… for one night i get to hear real rap and music live again.

    • Ancient Wisdom

      But it’s a true statement. What we’re listening to now is definitely not rap it’s just a whole bunch of hot mess to some nice Wicked beats that make you want to move your body.

  • Dev

    I can’t hate on Mariah as she was never a dancer, and when she tried it was entertaining but i guess when you can sing like she can (and Miss Houston RIP) you don’t need to be able to dance.

  • ThatGirlReena_LDN

    Mariah really is a vocal legend but it pained me to watch how pained she looked to even shrug a shoulder. How can Cher be in her 70s and move like that but Mariah even sway side to side?

    • Ancient Wisdom

      I didn’t want to say it but I was wondering if she was on something a lot stronger than marijuana and they were propping her up cuz she was high as a kite. But she did almost look like she was heavy to lift and dip. She seemed fragile to the touch perhaps she was in pain and on heavy pain medication.

      • ThatGirlReena_LDN

        I’m praying that it is medication because if that’s just how she is naturally, she is a complete mess. I would much rather reminisce on her in her great years than watch her sabotage herself now.

  • Your Mama

    Missy the MFkn QUEEN for real. She doesn’t get her due. She been galaxies ahead of her time for decades. I would pay to see her in concert today singing her old songs. She’s so dope.

  • Your Mama

    Mariah said she ain’t gotta dance, she make money moves. LMAO.

    • Dkwitty

      Literally laughed out loud 😂😂😂

  • Ms. Stay Focused

    LMBO Mariah ain’t dancing because she trying to keep the voice intact, sounds decent….

  • Ms. Stay Focused

    Why they had Xscape doing TLC…might as well had TLC come through but guess they couldn’t make it…

    • Ruby

      because Xscape wrote the song, well to be exact, Kandi for sure wrote that song for TLC so that’s why

      • Ms. Stay Focused

        well that is true but TLC does the song justice…

      • Lateifah Brown

        Yh they both wrote the song. Still wasnt here for it though. Just use the originals. But Xscape already booked for the event, I guess it was easier to use the songwriters (as artists)

  • Nik Nicole

    I Feel Like It Could’ve Been Longer And The Audience Should’ve Been More Lit. But Over All Good Show…

  • Universal Being

    Mariah, baby, come on now…. sad

  • Darryl W

    Mariah performed like she was performing for poor people LMAO!!!!

  • Jay Notes

    So Missy gave me life I love seeing her and Mase definitely a favorite. I gotta give it to Ty Dolla $ign he did a good job. Ya’ll did it to Mariah already so imma leave her alone lmao but the first thing I said was they know damn well her ass ain’t scaling down no wall she had to hurry up and unzip that suit her ass couldn’t breath ok I’m done

  • Zay H

    @disqus_aVjL4ZEhGm:disqus U are a dirtbag hater!! u got something to say about everything mariah does but like WTF do with your life but sit on this bitch trying to make Mariah Carey look bad!! I’m pretty sure your hating faggot ass use to sing and dance to her songs in the shower!!! while shaking your stift ass booty!!

    • Your Mama

      LOL! you’re SO bothered and vulgar. it’s almost as if mariah pays you, knows you exist, or gives a fuck about you.. but wait. #trashasstrolls #nolifehavingstans #bye

  • nothinworldoff

    why can’t you put up the entire shyt?

  • Rosie Posie

    Missy Elliott is a fucking beast! Loved ty dolla $ign, dayum he so fine and good performance by fat Joe and Remy ma too.

  • Yo. It was like Mariah just popped up everywhere without moving. Lmfao an she needs to stop. Although her lip singing was much better.

    This really gave me a major case of the freaking sads. This is my era. High school and on. And seeing Warren G without Nate smooth arse singing. Damn.

    I needed some Backthaazzup, Tha Black is Hot and it would have been complete. Kimmy boots where everything. I actually liked her whole get up. Damn it 😩

  • Nelly Pie Perkins

    Why is mariah carey still being asked to perform ffs. I’m starting to think it’s for banters sakes

  • Abstruce

    The fact that they didn’t ask Chris River’s to perform his dad’s song is a shame to his memory. #MoreBarsThanJoeAndRemy #CheckHimOut #HowTheyEndUpHomelessWithAPlatinumDad

  • Michelle Clark

    Missy Elliott is and always will be EVERYTHING!!!!

  • Jamarious

    sorry but there isn’t another place to post this. but are you going to upload this years Soul Train Awards.