The Haves & the Have Nots Season 5 Episode 23


  • Kendra Lamar

    Yall got commercials now? Oh hell no!

    • Pebbles

      I didn’t see any commercial..

      • Kendra Lamar

        Ii was in the beginning, I don’t see it anymore. It was like 3 minutes long, I had to fast forward. Maybe its because I watched it as soon as they put it up.

  • The Randomone

    This was the best episode

  • DaysofWineandRoses

    Hehehee, that was good. That damned Veronica…hehehe…

    • I’m Happy

      I know right she came to shut ish down. She’s not one to mess with

      • DaysofWineandRoses

        I’ve been watching soap operas since I was literally a baby in the 70s. I haven’t seen any shows in recent years, but I do remember some of the most popular villains from back in the day, and Veronica Harrington is the biggest, baddest, CRAZIEST of them all- she makes JR Ewing from Dallas look like Mother Teresa, lol.

        • JujuOnMyBeat

          Facts. Ronica is the best who ever did it. Her crazy is next level! lol

  • Trina Alexander

    Why was it only 30 mins and I thought tonight was the season finale??

  • Trina Alexander

    What is wrong with this website 😡

  • Pebbles

    Veronica is that bishhhhhhh.! Lawt! she said she was gonna do it and she kilt two birds with one stone………..

  • Viera

    veronica i love you crazy ass bitch

  • PR-85

    soo we won’t find out if the baby survived until 3 seasons from now.. smh..

  • linda

    I guess this is the season finale i’m just glad Veronica got the taste of her own medicine that bish is heartless and that first scene got me tearing up like i was cutting some onions well i hope it gets better next season

  • MChantye

    If I were the writer on this show, I would have Veronica paralyzed from the accident or memory loss ( at least temporarily) and the baby lives but the girl passes away. That would be interesting. But, since Candace and Veronica have a plan for Erica, oooooooh boy…so IDK… Dayum this episode was really good.

  • Christopher Perscod

    Veronica told the ABSOLUTE TRUTH about Justin. All he cares about is Jeffery’s Black peen. He don’t care about no Black Lives Matter of Black folks in general. It’s ALWAYS about sex when he’s with Jeffery, yet he claims to love him. PLEASE! Wake up and stop chasing that snow rabbit, Jeffery!

    • shasyl

      The snow rabbit is always chasing the black rabbit

  • Kadevin Jones

    So many thoughts on this episode :
    First off Hannah & Candace have been acting their asses off these last few episodes that funeral scene was breathtaking , they coming for ALL the awards .
    Jim you dirty scum ass pale ass bitch , you dirty af for doing that to Candaces son and you KNOW she gone get your ass.
    Why is Wyatt on this show ?? What’s his purpose , he can go tbh .
    Veronica & Candace teaming up 👀. They gonna be unstoppable , a devilish duo lmao .
    I’m low key happy Jeffrey got locked up he’s so annoying and dramatic and stupid .
    David Erica is playing you and Candace is gonna get both of y’all .
    Claps for Tyler Perry for finally giving us an episode where a conversation about pizza isn’t dragged out for 10 damn minutes , that ending left me shook 😭

    • Christina Leonard

      Lmao so true all of this 👏👏 this fastest episode ever

    • Viera

      wayett is on the show cos tyler perry dick get wett of him

  • jus_saying

    Please Benny please please please taking some acting classes.

    • Ebony Cook


  • JujuOnMyBeat

    Tyler Perry really delivered on this finale! So many emotions. The scenes with Hannah and Candace at the funeral home had me snot cryin for real. And Veronica was SAVAGE in that court house.

    I’m looking forward to next season!

  • Lovë 22

    I think HAHN needs to be on a bigger network. OWN is good but HAHN and Queen Sugar need to reach a better audience and getting some real awards and recognition!

  • Frank Grimes

    #lowkey: The Haves & The Have Nots is really a web series with a million dollar budget.

  • Michael Jenkins

    Veronica is one evil witch lol. “GRAB ME GIRL.” LAMO!

  • IAmLawlessBrooks

    Candace not fucking serious! Bitch he lying in that box because of fucking you! You mean nobody gonna slap the shit outta this bitch?