Baller Wives Episode 6


  • It hasn’t even been that long since they made up and stacy is already talking about Kijafa. She stays bothered lmfao.

  • “Kijafa is not taking control of her friends”?? STFU Miko, you bellend!

    • Mylkchawclit

      Right though like they’re some damn children.. She acting like they got a leader to their clicks like they’re in high school..

    • FattianaAli

      You’re British? Lmao who would have thought

    • dyan

      that’s right STFU Miko………..kijafa is a grown ass woman and so is karmina…….why should she take control of someone……….besides she’s pregnant

    • Jasmine Lovett

      She can’t control another GROWN woman actions. She asked her friend to talk to her and apologize. I’m starting to believe Miko is jealous of Kijafa

      • I think so as well. First she complains that Kijafa controls her friends like a puppet master, and that she’s glad Asia is getting to know her for herself. Then she turns around and complains the Kijafa is not controlling her friends. So which is it, you bloody hypocritical bitch?

  • Kiara

    I fast forwarded so much that it took me about 6.4 min to finish it. This show is gaaarbaaage omg

  • pbrown0209

    Them crying together should have just ended all this…we all are just doing the best I can.

  • pbrown0209

    These women are so annoying! Asia, she (Julio wife) can be friends with whoever she wants.

  • linda

    So is there gon be a reunion or nah??

  • xoxcvi

    Ok but why did Stacy wear her waist trainer outside of that tacky ass dress?

    • Brittany

      Right! She looked a mess, someone should’ve told her to fix that ish before she left the house.

    • dyan

      I was wondering the same thing tooo…………like who does that…..???!!!!

    • johno

      i think she tried to do some old Beyonce look, sequin dress and corset, i think Bey did it for an award show years ago lol. It looks horrible IMO

    • ZionLive

      As much as I love Stacy. Tonight’s outfit was a hell no go back home boo 😂

  • FattianaAli

    Asia and Gineva are so irrelevant at this point

  • ┏̲D̶̲̅┓utchess♥

    These girls need to grow up, like who cares who’s friends with who…

  • ┏̲D̶̲̅┓utchess♥

    Everyones husband is sweet and loving to their wife except kijafa’s!

    • yogie Arkue

      Cause he knows shes fake

  • debby

    miko is so annoying … didn’t ur friend stacy throw the dick candy at the other lady first ? but it wasn’t a problem but when the other lady threw it back now kijafa isn’t “controlling” her friend lmao girl bye !

    • Jasmine Lovett

      Miko is delusional 😂😂😂😂 she make my ass hurt

  • johno

    My only observation is that Vick kept his hat on during dinner !! FFS hahaha

  • faz

    this white bitch going back and forth is childish now all of a sudden she trusts stacey n mike so stupid

  • Jamaya

    Stacy threw that dick candy at Karmina wtf did she expect she does lil sneaky shit then acts like the victim.Is this show supposed to be mean girls? Or are these broads perpin for ratings?

  • Jamaya

    Meko needs to get a life of her own and stop dickeating Stacy. And it seems as if Stacy is jealous of Kijafa from the gate at that party she came in coming for Kijafa she needs a play back bcuz she did say fuck that woman’s mom and when she said her moms dead she said good. And Meko grow a pair she telling Stacy all this shit she supposedly said to the broads she’s beefing with knowing she was lying. I don’t like her bcuz she tried to coach her son into not liking the other Lil boy what mother does that? While she’s steady focusing on Kijafa she needs to focus on her husband he looks like he feels trapped and doesn’t want to be seen let alone conversations with her in public. Bottom line they’re not acting like women they’re acting like a bunch of catty mean girls that have nothing better to do than keep up high school antics

  • Jamaya

    I think since there’s so much beef they should do a charity boxing match and resolve their lil petty beefs in the ring. That’ll settle all that back biting and fake beef. These broads are big mad at Kijafa and for what? Seems like they’re intimidated by her

  • NoMore9to5Work .

    You guys know this shit is scripted right?

  • shan shan Bailey

    Karmina and Stacey were always going to have problems on that damn boat. These shows always setting these women up to fail

  • cinderfreqnella

    Is this show cancelled?