Survivor’s Remorse Season 4 Episode 4


  • Kmblac

    I love this show!

  • Pebbles

    GOod show

  • mikster

    This show is so cute!!

  • Ancient Wisdom

    Tichina Arnold is typecasted. She has been playing the same loud tell-it-like it-is character since Martin, Everybody Hates Chris, Daytime Divas & now Survivor’s Remorse. I would love to see her play something else. Tre’ insecure to let those instathots have you so dazed & confused about your worth! If Cam wanted an ass-eating chick, he would have one!

    • PowerFanatic

      I feel the same way about Gabrielle Union.. kinda sucks..

    • tek neek

      So True…….LMAO

    • Ro

      I’m sure she’s fine cause she’s still working and making money and I feel most black actors and actresses get type casted cause or shows and movies often have the same types of characters and storyline anyways

  • Frank Grimes

    I enjoyed the episode. I could have done without the whole ass eating thing. If a “straight” man admits to wanting his ass ate, he might not be straight. (I ain’t judging…but I’m judging)

    I do agree with Ancient Wisdom that Tichina Arnold needs to switch it up. However, she has delivered some very powerful emotional monologues on this show. She didn’t do that on “Martin” or “Everybody Hates Chris.” This show allows us to see the dramatic Tichina and I always look forward to her talking to M-Chuck about life.

    The whole breast implant storyline would’ve worked if it were for Allison–not Missy. It just threw the episode off. It’s like somebody lost a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors in the writer’s room. #LessIsMore

    I’m starting to miss Uncle Julius, though. Maybe they can bring Pookie to Atlanta for a prayer vigil marking the 35 month anniversary of his death or something. Pookie (actor Sir Brodie) is a likable dude.