Black Love Part 3

  • MyKayEl

    I’m loving this series ❤️❤️

  • GOAT

    In my first year of marriage and going through a lot… This series is giving me hope!

    • Tai

      Keep working I’m sure it will be worth it in the end… I’m getting married next year and although I can’t wait I know marriage is hard work and nothing can prepare you but it’s an amazing journey 😊

    • LiLondon

      Stick at it, the first few years are you just getting know each other on a different level, work through it. Think of it like this, if you’re going to be married for 60 years, then what is 3 awkward years in the beginning whilst you figured things out? If both parties pray and work on their own change instead of what the other should change…it balances out naturally xx

  • I really appreciate the honesty of all these couples. It’s not easy telling the good, bad and ugly part of their journies. I also agree with the guy that said love is work. It’s really not a fantasy lol.

  • moyo

    27, biology or not, I am taking my time. Thanks for uploading! Just had an ephiphany, I am really not ready for a relationship at all…

    • Excepcion

      Same ! as much as I want to be with my “one” Im not sure how much compromise and flexibility I have to accommodate someone right now.

  • LondonBreed

    watching this going through an array of emotions, from tears, to joy, to frustration and excitement. This series is what has been missing ….especially in the lives of Black people. i can’t stress enough that these reality shows (some that i religiously tune into weekly) is giving us this bullsh*t impression of life…its not about exploring the same sex, whilst being in a relationship, and its NOT about forcing this whole LGBt AGENDA into us….i demand this old school love…this old school courting come back. the one we work on, the one we don’t try to escape (divorce) at the first hurdle, simply because ‘this celebrity and that reality tv person has done it’. This series is just what the doctor ordered and I’m here for all of this…. esp the love, trials and tribulations that these strong black queens and kings have experienced and OVERCOME.

  • Lee Miller

    definitely learning a lot and one thing that sticks out is to communicate

  • Jenni S

    I loved this but at the same time… things like this put confusion in me… you never really know whether you’re on the right track… until you reach your destination…😩

    • Such A Baddie

      Or even worse, do you ever really reach your destination? I know couples who have gotten divorced after 20 something just never know, I guess it’s just a journey and you take each day, day by day…but nothing is promised to last..just gotta give it your best and pray things will work out and stick in there.

      • Jenni S


  • Pebbles

    This was the best episode thus far

  • dirtychai

    This is such a lovely series with lovely couples. Who knew fast talkin, beet juice drinkin’ Chad from Insecure was such a real life family man. Haha

  • Shaneice Knowles

    I’m in love with this show, and it’s giving me hope in knowing my soulmate is out there. It may not be perfect right away, but if you work at it, it will be.

  • Queen Sairah

    This is the first time I’m watching this.
    I’m praying the Ads don’t spoil my experience!

    • ThatGirlReena_LDN

      They spoiled mine! It’s never happened to me before but it was literally every 5mins in this ep.

  • Sheeda Queen

    Absolutely love it and these programmes are so Crucial. Tia, I think the twins name is, gives me jokes every time she says shut up Corey, because it reminds me of her Sister Sister days when they used to scream “Go home Roger”.

  • Queen Sairah

    OMG! I can’t start watching this series at episode 3! I wanna cry.
    I’ll watch part 1 first!!

  • Rhea

    Where is the alternative link Yardie? This one isn’t working for me. Thank you x

  • Bonquwisha Alize Jackson

    Im obsessed