Cardi B 2017 MIA Festival Set

  • She was so pissed with that DJ.. She was like WTF!! She still killed it though.

  • Jsauls143

    I’m so proud of her but let’s get that new song thoe

  • Shaneice Knowles

    It would’ve been better to just hear her rap not the actual track behind her. Like, I get if they don’t want to make an instrumental, but i like to hear the artist actually performing the track. FUCK THAT DJ!!!! The crowd was actually singing, and his punk ass stopped then replayed it. Cardi gon get some goons to fuck his ass up. ahaha!!!

    • Kagem

      This. They also did this with her MTV preVMA show — they should just let her do her own thing.

      I like her want to see her win.

      • Sham Pain


  • Guru Zaheer.

    fire the dj

  • Nicole Lee

    Horrible DJ.

  • Tre

    CORNY, i was for you CB now you rapping like somebody else

  • Tre

    yeah the dj sucks