2017 MTV Video Music Awards Performances

Kendrick Lamar

Ed Sheeran & Lil Uzi Vert

Shawn Mendes


5th Harmony

Miley Cyrus

Demi Lovato


30 Seconds to Mars & Travis Scott

Logic, Alessia Cara & Khalid

  • Shanta Riggins

    I want to see the hold thing all at one time

  • Wolette Kristos

    this is way better i get to not watch miley cyrus

  • wack!!!

  • The truth

    Kendrick Lamar,pink and im gonna give it to Normani as well…she’s a storm

  • Tiff J

    How did Pink do a 7+ minute medley running thru her whole career and not do anything from her first album? The least she could’ve done was the song from the “Save the Last Dance” soundtrack “You Make Me Sick” – that was an Mtv produced film. I know she changed up her whole image from the first album, but that first R&B Pink album is a classic, that album is the only reason I know who she is. Sad that she doesn’t really acknowledge it.

    • Ms. Stay Focused

      That’s because her first album was the record label telling her to be who she really wasn’t and she didn’t even have much of a creative input in the first album. Though it might be a classic album to you she has the right to not perform it, plus I actually like much of her other music anyway. You can tell it’s more her style and its authentic. Actually she got more of a worldwide audience from these songs she’s performing.