Snowfall Episode 6

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  • Pebbles

    The show getting better it’s beginning to make sense

  • Queen Sairah

    WHEN did Franklin buy the coke?
    Makes no sense. They can’t keep on cutting parts out.

    Either way, I like the way the stories are linking up!

    • Pebbles

      That’s what I Meant all the characters are beginning to connect, & the way Frank introduced him self to the guy that saved his life.

      I wondered which way frank life going to go? Is he going to be a kingpin or go legit and become a FBI agent ?

      The drug life is not working out for him because he stay taking losses

  • stillpretty

    SO did I miss the part where last weeks episode made sense??

    • Moe

      I think i did too

  • Ancient Wisdom

    Franklin has a lot of heart, lil youngin is definitely not scared.

  • watthehe!!ijustwatched?

    So imma need franklins a$$ to learn how to fight!😂😂😂

    • pbrown0209

      lol Fight all those dudes though? lol

  • Ms. Stay Focused

    Not trying to sound prejudice or anything but the only reason I’m watching this show is because I like watching the black kids part the other two stories are uninteresting to me…

    • pbrown0209

      The stories are meant to intertwine…I’m not a fan of the other stories either but I know that eventually they will all be the same story.