The Haves & the Have Nots Season 5 Episode 18

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  • Beverley Balan

    Is Tyler gay his gay scenes are a little too much for a straight man

    • Pebbles

      Did she find out about her child yet?

      • Jaccy

        Its the 2000th episode and she still hasn’t found out about her child

        • Pebbles

          It’s gonna be the season finale

          Do any one knows Tyler Instagram page? I need to tell him enough is enough

      • Lovë 22

        Lol now you know the answer

    • stillpretty

      Asking myself that too now…

  • Kendra Lamar

    This show is just dragging and a dragging…omg

  • stillpretty

    I never thought I’d have enough of this show, but yeah it’s time is up…

    • The Randomone

      No am still enjoying the absurdity of this soap lol. Candice has to find out the baby died though ughhhhh

      • JujuOnMyBeat

        I low key thought Charles was about to tell her about the baby cuz he seems to know everything else about her life but, nah. Would’ve have made too much sense for this crazy show! smh

      • stillpretty

        They’ll save it for the finale!! 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • linda

    Candance will never give up Benny…. Never!!!!

    • JujuOnMyBeat

      I don’t know…she IS hella selfish. But then she may let him take the fall thinkin she’ll find a slick way to get him out later. She’s just that conniving.

  • B dub

    It’s a damn shame how you can skip 5 shows, and still know hats going on.

  • B dub

    The last two season has been the same twos in the show