Claws Episode 6

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  • Cameron

    I just love how ridiculous this show is! Lmao

    • Myemaildied

      Me too lol

    • lol yes it’s easy to stress

    • TBerri

      Meeeee too! The only reason why I gave it a try was because of Niecy (I love her). I’m soooo glad I did! My hubby has even gotten roped into the show! All the cliffhangers and weirdness just come together! LOL! My fav is Polly! Hands down! When she started dancing after they won the first round, I was ROLLIN! Cant wait for another episode! I hope they bring it back for another season! This is muuuuch better than LHH!!!!

  • body_rock

    Yardie you are life! But how come the endings are so abrupt with no previews of next episode? anyway if Roller don’t knock this crazy bitch out already and call Uncle daddy. I honestly think is light weight enjoying to poom poom.

  • linda

    Roller better be dealing with Amensia right now cause if not the girls are as good as dead. The end of each episode is always so fascinating they make u crave for the next episode…… the show is weird as f*ck but i f*cking love it.

    • AfricanAborigine

      Amnesia? he remembered uncle daddy’s phone number so I doubt it….

      • linda

        I’m scared for the girls af i hope that crazy lady he’s with keep him forever

      • TBerri

        LOL! I WAS JUST ABOUT TO SAY THAT TOO! LOL! For him to have amnesia, he sure didn’t hesitate to dial that number! LOL! He’ll escape. When he does, they all goin 💩 B-R-I-C-K-S!!!! What the heck is Uncle Daddy going do?! They killed innocent people over this 💩! OMG! Im so caught up! LOL!

  • MisTeaBlue

    No not Jenn’s and Desna’s relationship!!! They were friendship goals

    • Santana


  • LindaB

    Finally a tv show about “sisterhood”. I love the support these women give each other and that Desna (the “mother hen” of the group) is also guardian for her mentally-challenged adult brother. I hope the producers and writers continue to be inspired with interesting visions for this show. Yes, this dramady is definitely ridiculously enjoyable.💄💄🙃😃

  • Pebbles

    This show is good.

    I wonder what role the Dr Deb is saying gonna play because I don’t think he squeaky clean & who gonna recognize the cop ( the dancer at uncle daddy place) because the only ones who knows she a cop is Ann & dez.

    This about to be interesting

  • Lor

    When Polly slapped the doctor and he span round on the chair I died 😂😣😂😂

    • TBerri

      You know he got a hard on! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Polly goin get her some “dr” 🍆! LOL! No more batteries for her! LOL! I think Dean is going smash Virgina too! That nig goin have some SUUUUPER clarity! LOLOL!!

  • Ancient Wisdom

    Karruche Stripper Tran: I got a job now, I got a crew.
    Trappin Friend: Those old bitches that beat yo ass?
    The Korean Barbies at the new shop jamming the toilet with tampons.

  • Santana

    “Ain’t you tired yet Virginia sucking dick turning tricks” boyyyyy ain’t that it!!!!!!! Tell her Desna 💁🏽