Black Ink Crew: Behind The Ink

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  • Ttrini

    Is this worth watching?

    • luvDaDiva


    • Lol I just skipped through a lot of the scenes and caught some funny random ish. I skipped through ALL of Donna’s scenes though.

    • Venia K


    • Venia K

      What does it matter? Y’all be here when the things first post 😂😂😂

      • mandi


      • Ttrini

        Uhh alot of ppl watch and dont comment. Calm down.

        • Venia K

          I don’t know how that relates to my response lol.

  • Lmfao “How many big breasted Asian have you seen? I haven’t seen that many!”

    That was funny, but i’ve actually seen quite a few~! 🙂