Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story

  • Prisca Niono

    I love this !! you cant deny the hustler in him

  • Pfffft

    Worth a watch if nothing better to do.

  • Loppy

    Loved it! Diddy is so inspirational.

  • Kaylington Sans Merci

    Loved it. I needed to hear it. Motivated me

  • they been telling the same story for 20 years.. we know already…

  • MyKayEl

    I loved seeing the vulnerable side of Diddy. This was by far one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended as well. Ps I love that FAith & Kim are on good terms as well

  • Zuri A.

    Did they mention Death Row and Shyne or did they skip those?

    • Ancient Wisdom

      They mentioned Shyne & his 6 year bid.

  • jus_saying

    Was a bit hesitant at the start but it got real good. Feel like it showed the man in Combs and definitely felt Biggie’s spirit in bits and pieces. Good watch.

  • body_rock


    • Blackbutterfly81

      I agree Just watched it through a recomendation its was so boring I kept skipping it

  • Cinere Mathematics Allah

    Speechless such a Great work of Art

  • trinib

    it’s been 20 years of dude milking Biggie’s name… can’t stop, won’t stop, need to stop

    • Zuri A.


    • cleva

      whatever. that was his friend. smh

      • Zuri A.

        It’s well documented that him and BIG weren’t that close

        • Tiffany Burke

          EVerything documented shows they were best friends

          • Zuri A.

            “Everything” clearly not..

  • DreaMLC

    This was pretty good. They even included a few new things I’ve never heard before.

  • Brooke gg

    i enjoyed it.

  • Ms. Stay Focused

    Puff Daddy (young and humble) —19 yrs later (older and cocky)

  • linda

    Love it bad boy records had a lot of hit tracks back in days… i love mase aloootttttt i miss him not singing again i fucking love his voice…. love the story it was well put together


    You can’t deny that Diddy does produce stars, even if they leave him they still go on to do better in their lives. If only I had a mentor like that, I’d be a rich bee’och.