Scandal Season 6 Episode 16

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  • micky

    Good lord this episode was so good…never saw this coming…I knew Cyrus’ hands weren’t completely clean in this situation n darn Liv is turning into Papa Pope, I can tell she’s gonna b ruthless n Luna deserved wat was coming but never thought she’d b the brain of all that was going on

    • tek neek

      my thoughts exactly…….SMH

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    • sisipawpaw

      Liv has surpassed Papa Pope; that’s why he called her the predator whereas he called himself “smart prey”. It was bound to happen. Having Mama Pope and Papa Pope as parents will make anyone ruthless

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  • Michelle Nkedi

    I don’t know how I feel

    • stillpretty

      I feel on edge thats how i feel! It was all too much lol

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  • Guest045

    Glad this 21st century plantation fantasy is in its final season, check out House of Cards if you want to see a smart political drama
    Olivia Pope is such a bad stereotype of the white academia institutionalized sista.
    Shonda Rhimes story lines are getting more deviant by show, almost wanting to emulate the evil pink man’s devilish nature and psyche , the lying, killing etc to get ahead.
    What do some of you fans like about Scandal,

    • Pebbles

      That the thing!! There’s room for everyone’s preference…

      If the house of cards is your thing good , but if scandal someone’s else cup of tea no problem either .

      Person should never knock down one show to try & up another

      Then that will make people go torwards the show you talked junk about..

      • stillpretty

        For real!

      • Guest045

        I am not downing it to up House of Cards, but its far superior in wiriting, execution and characters.
        why do so many black women cheer for someone like Olivia Pope being a hoe, if their whole situation with the president was removed from the show I wonder how many of you would watch which begs the question.. “why do most of you watch it”, not saying you.. but the series itself really aint all that and I have a problem with Shonda Rhimes and her portrayal of black relationships or lack of.
        I could go on and on about the historical significance and how there is possible psychological satisfaction some get watching it but I digress..
        Thank you for your kind calm reply and ill be more mindful about it in the future.

        • Pebbles

          I agree with you in some points but if a person doesn’t like the show don’t tune in.

          I personally look st the show for the other actors

          Poppa pope, momma pope, Huck, Quinn, Charlie , the other white guy, Cyrus etc

          If enough people request house of cards I’m sure yardi will bring it here ( hopefully )

          I want orange is the new black to pop up on here… too

          • Guest045

            I got a netflix account, doesnt affect me if its here.
            Just wanted to say I am glad its ending and when it ends people can tune in to House of Cards which in my opinion is much better.
            Btw im stealing your name and naming my new cat Pebbles.

          • Pebbles

            Please do !

            🤔 I borrowed it too !😜

          • AngelLDN

            Sidenote: OITNB is already out (illegally) i watched the whole season last week. But i agree it would’ve been nice to discuss it here especially the ending which in my opinion is the worst of all 3/4? seasons so far

        • Dev

          I have to say that i have read many a comment about Olivia being a hoe but my question to you is if she wasn’t black would it be such a big deal? I have come to realise that some black people prefer to date outside of their race and when i watched Get Out it confirmed why it wasn’t for me and if there was any truth in the film then their outcome is for them.
          Olivia’s parents were both very black and very powerful people and Olivia was the Kardashian of the family which isn’t such a big deal. I agree that some of the storylines are farfetched but Scandal primarily is what it is, i think to pit it against HOC when the only thing they have in common is politics is a bit silly.

          • Guest045

            I will be honest and say no, its a big deal because she is a so called educated smart pretty black woman and the dynamics with historical contexts. speaking with bedwenches is what really got to me and the psychological messages and satisfaction they get off it. that is why I called it a plantation fantasy.. they equate being a powerful white man’s hoe as something to be proud of.
            Personally I would never encourage interracial relationships…
            the majority of the time this people interracial relationships have either selfhate, low self esteem or inferiority complex , especially black men.

    • Chondell Mallory

      I agree with your point. Agenda is being pushed heavily!

    • stillpretty

      Well aside from all the negativity in your comment I will say I heard house of cards is indeed a good show, so I will check it out now this is finished!

  • Kaylington Sans Merci

    GURLLLLLLLLLLLL (throws wig by the altar)

    • stillpretty


  • AnalogGirl

    This entire season kind of sucked. Scandal used to give me life… now I can take it or leave it.

    • LaLaLand

      This has been the best season in years!

  • Chondell Mallory

    Wow is all I have to say!

  • stillpretty

    Did they use crowd footage from Obama’s inaugaraion? We’ve all seen the footage from Trumps one and we know it wasn’t this full…. lol
    So I was almost right I said make Luna die in a car accident… but this…. I did not see that one coming!! AND the B613 thing….Liv!! With your own natural straight hair you are a savage!
    ALSO Liv and Cyrus are like two comic book bad guys!!!
    This was all tew much, I need a strong dark drink…

    • BBianca

      I love her with straight hair!

      • stillpretty

        It looked so nice and healthy

  • LaLaLand

    OMG I’m still shaking with Anxiety during that entire Inauguration scene. DAMN SCANDAL!!!!

  • Teejay

    Olivia and Cyrus being all out villains…yep, season 7 definitely is time for a wrap.

    • BBianca

      and fitz is finally gone!!!

      • Teejay


  • Dev

    Yep, its time for Scandal to end and i hope next season shows Olivia being out of her depth with B613 and ending up with a horrific death with by the hands of her mum, dad, Huck, Jake or Fitz.
    I do think hat they need to bring out Scandal the soundtrack

  • BBianca

    Olivia stomping around that white house like she’s paying the bills is why I keep watching this show.

    I think she’s my spirit animal

  • Brooke gg

    soo many plot holes with this ending….So Luna is the big guy behind everything yet I don’t believe she has that much money to pull any of this or even control Blondie or that other guy. Also, what does cyrus gain from all of this, he was already vise president and now his again vise president. So, aside from going to jail and being beaten he gained nothing. Also, didn’t Pierce want to be vise president not Luna and wasn’t Luna only nominated because they didn’t have options and it just happened without much thought. (so the plan wasn’t really a sure fire thing)

    My biggest thing is, is there even a connection between Luna, Mama pope and the blond girl and the guy because they said mama pope was a hired hitman by Luna to kill mellie so why again was mama pope outside or pierce/blondie house after they died….To me they should have just ended it with blonde and that guy as the bad guys at the top, I believed that not Luna who took a pill cos Olivia told her. How weak can you be and we are mean’t to believe she masterminded all of this and killed her husband, yeah no. Too many plotholes for me.

    Also, Liv just stop, I couldn’t believe any of this, they have made her out to be stupid, a step behind on everything this whole season so I can’t help but roll my eyes everytime she says im always right.

    • Hope road

      Completely implausible! Luna, the wife of a governor who Cyrus hand picked to become president was the mastermind behind the blonde and the creepy old man with great wealth and power. How? She’s the Employer the blonde was worried about. Come on now, there’s plot twist and then there’s this crap 🤦🏽‍♀️