Braxton Family Values Season 5 Episode 25

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  • Lina

    Well, hello there ☺️

  • Tina

    Tamar refuses to grow up. Her reaction to Ms. Wanda is ridiculous. Grow the fuck up! And for someone who needs a lot of forgiveness from others, she should be the first person to step up and be a bridge. UGH! I adore Tamar, but the immaturity is exhausting.. Is this the last season for this show???? Seriously the storyline is tired.

    • cleva

      I’m 49 at and I still side eye my dad and his wife. I go to their stuff but I still seem them as cheating, dishonest jerks. lol. I love my dad but they don’t get to play, “Just move on”. My brother still doesn’t talk to my dad who cheated, lied, and stole from my mom. So, I get it.

      • mikster

        I’m with you, even though i think its time for momma braxton

  • Baybeetricia

    Trina crushing on the Zipline dude lol…

    • SipsTea19

      He look about 20

  • Abstruce

    Tamar was the only one to bring her family? How selfish!

  • Stanning4Bey

    Lets be real Towanda wouldn’t have brought her kids, and I really do not see the big deal in Tamar bringing hers. First off it’s one night not the whole day that they celebrated Vincent’s bday,secondly she is the only one with a toddler, lastly he has no dang family! Was the trip really that serious? If so then Towanda should be mad as hell that Toni invited Ms.Wanda and their dad since it was supposed to be a girls trip. I give them the benefit of the doubt a lot of time because I understand Tamar can work that last nerve however it seems as though Towanda really dislikes Tamar and has a deep seeded grudge because to miss out on that mans birthday was beyond petty.

    • mandi

      well no the agreement was for them to have a braxton family vacation no kids no husbands etc tony didnt invite the wife their father voluntarily brought her to mexico however since they knew she came to mexico shout out to logan tellin his granny tony decides to invite her to dinner to get off their chests…now i see where they coming from seeing wholeheartedly but u cant get over it…even my mom and her father wife dont get alone when it comes to her dad especially when she came out her body and got told off by my mom u cant knock the situation til u been it

      • Stanning4Bey

        Is he not a Braxton by marriage? I really do not get the issue he is family and he literally has no one. And I never said anyone should get over anything, I actually stated the complete opposite. I only indicated how unhealthy it was to harbor all of that resentment.

        • Lixer

          It’s a SISTERS trip….and the sisters just so happened to want and agree to have their parents there. Their own family unit. What they didn’t agree to having are husbands and children…especially with the potential awkwardness and drama that could break bout between their mom and dad.

    • Trice

      I see that and always notice that ..Tamar and Vince are close knit and those chicks know this ..they called them Velcro’s cute to me

      • Stanning4Bey

        Me too! I really think by them putting each other first (the sisters that is) they are self sabotaging their relationships.

        • Cardio32

          Preach !!! The sisters mostly Trina and Towanda and including their mama are bitter and mad dogs.

          • MommaBird


        • MommaBird

          Yessss! I agree! I love my family but spouse trumps all. My husband and kids are my family and my other family better treat them as fam as well. When my parents say we want to take a family vacation, they are talking about my husband and me!! Even if the kids stay at home. My spouse and I are one.

      • SipsTea19

        I can see how it can be cute at times but not ALL the time! It can get pretty annoying especially if you just want to have a sister bonding time without someone husband popping up

    • PowerFanatic

      I agree. As far as we know, none of them have a man that would have come on the trip. And i havent been watching Braxtons since season 1 but i dont EVER remember any of the other sisters bringing their kids anywhere that wasnt local. They should have expected her to bring him. Vince is always around. As i mentioned before he is around even when we dont see him. i have seen him literally dodge the camera before. i know alot of ppl dislike Tamar and i cant say that i am a super fan BUT sometimes it seems like the sisters (with the exception of Toni) are really jealous of her.. and Toni sometimes seems like she takes the side of the trio so it wont seem like “the better off” “more famous sisters” are ganging up on them. Idk. Just how i see it from what they show on tv

      • Lixer

        Nah, Tamar is talented but she really is a Narcissist. You can’t always be happy about someone who isn’t humble, doesn’t take responsibility for their mistakes, and constantly makes situations about them. Toni sides with them because she sees it too…just like she told Tamar to stop when they were at dinner with Ms. Wanda. Toni knew Tamar was about to say some BS but let it go. Also, Traci is very close with her husband, (despite their issues, but who doesn’t have them)…she has the longest marriage out of the sisters – at least 20 years…..I am sure she would’ve wanted a nice vacay with her man.

        • PowerFanatic

          I actually forgot all about Traci husband.. I guess that’s says a lot 🙄

    • Universal Being

      you brought up a good point of how Vince doesn’t have much family and that time of year could be pretty hard for him to spend alone, on top of him almost dying at one point. They kept saying they should have brought their kids and family on the trip….. it wasn’t any of their kids birthdays was it????? Like Towanda got mad and said she would never miss her kids first day of school…. Well, everyone has different priorities and Tamar did not want to miss her husbands birthday… smh

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    • carter

      100% right. The fact that Towanda didn’t even think to bring her kids with the custody battle going on tells you where her priorities lie. It comes across like she puts everyone above them. No wonder Andre is fighting for full custody.

    • Lixer

      Tamar has a narcissist complex and I think the sisters knows this…and therefore they try to shut down the possibility for Tamar to make something all about her…just like they shut her down during her outbursts about their father at dinner. I think it’s unfair to only call out Towanda when none of the sisters came. Towanda wasn’t the only one in her feelings. Towanda is the only sister who stands up to Tamar in action…they have all tried verbally…Towanda is the only who actually makes a stand.

      Also, Toni inviting Ms. Wanda to dinner has nothing to do with the fact that Ms. Wanda was in mexico in the first place. Tamar brought not only Vincent but her entire glam squad and music producer out to Mexico…they weren’t already there, she flew them there. Sometimes when you are with your family, you want to catch up as individuals, be your whole self, without the extensions. If I wanted to catch up with my sister, I don’t want her bae as the third wheel every time…sometimes you want to let your hair down, and you can’t really do that when people’s spouses are in the mix.

  • Stanning4Bey

    I would say Tamar is being petty because I have grown a soft spot for Ms.wanda however everyone heals at their own time and it is unfair for me to tell her to get over it, but it sure is unhealthy to harbor all of that resentment and by the looks of it her father still sleeps good at night.

  • braveheart341

    those are some selfish ass bitches to be mad at that woman for wanting to celebrate her husbands birthday with him. WTF?

    • SipsTea19

      Yea I can definitely see them being a bit upset at first but now that he is there for his birthday and stuff they should’ve atleast went to the damn party for support but I guess they were just tired of Tamar always doing what she wants to do anyway and if they told her how they felt she still was going to celebrate Vince bday anyway. Its just probably hard because no matter what someone does you can’t always make everyone happy….

      • braveheart341

        I feel like there is something deeper going on that they don’t let us in on, because they are grown as hell, and have been dealing with each others personalities all of their lives. Toni is a diva and often doesn’t show up to things, or show up late, etc. and they don’t do her the way they do Tamar. Even the way Vince totally glossed over Tamar back in LA when she mentioned her sisters not showing up…something is fishy.

        • cleva

          Yeah….something is going on.

        • mikster

          this is what I’m saying

        • They know how he treats her behind closed doors. I.e. Finger biting. I’ve heard multiple times prior to that incident that he’s abusive towards her . I hope it isn’t true.

    • Dev

      Nah, Tamar was all for the family holiday and its Vince’s birthday the same time every year so she should’ve arranged the holiday at an earlier/later date or just been clear from the beginning that he was coming. I though Vince had no actual family, but it seems that he just doesn’t have any parents as they mentioned two brothers and a sister.
      I can see why the sisters could be annoyed at Vince’s presence, none of the other partners have as much air time and Tamar and Vince have their own show to have their shenanigans on and you don’t see the others or their partners playing a big part if any on the show.

      • braveheart341

        lol That sounds crazy. I’m just putting myself in their shoes…and ain’t no way I’m getting so mad at my sister for bringing her husband (even on a family trip) that I don’t go to his birthday party. Why? Because at the end of the day I have respect and love for my sister and my BIL. These chics are petty as hell when it comes to Tamar.

        • PowerFanatic

          im so glad to hear someone thinks the same. im by all means not a super fan of tamar but i tend to agree with alot she says and how she feels. her delivery is just messed up!!

          • braveheart341

            I just peep some extra pettiness from them and i’m like hmmmmm

        • MommaBird

          I definitely agree!

    • She should have given them the option to bring their families along

      • braveheart341

        yea, i think she should have told them, but i think she feels like she’s walking on eggshells with them and don’t like being direct with them because they are so uber explosive with her.

  • CreativeGenius

    If the sisters had not agreed prior to the trip that it would be a husband/boyfriend/bae -free trip, I would have considered their reaction to be petty af. However, it was made clear (even after Tamar announced that it would be Vince’s birthday) that it would just be them & their parents. I would have been in my feelings too….regardless….if Tamar did that shit to me. If she was THAT against spending time away from Vince on his birthday, she could have simply asked them to do the trip the following weekend. It’s really not about her wanting to celebrate him & his life, but moreso the fact that everyone else had to leave their kids/boos @ home. It is selfish…..but also par for Tamar.

  • braveheart341

    But wait a second….last week ya’ll didn’t want to hear me when I said that Mama E is not healed…yet here Towanda is saying that maybe she’s still in pain, and that maybe she will never get over it. What do you call that? man look.

    • Lovë 22

      Lol, I agree, they wasn’t hearing me either last week!!

  • Kam

    Tamar: tonight doesn’t belong to my sisters, it belongs to my man.

    Then why are you trying to hold them hostage on their own holiday and expect them to be there? Tamar is just too much. We would be long distance relatives man kmt.

  • mikster

    Vince did something to tamar and her sisters aren’t here for him in no type of way. this is what I’m thinking….
    Ms Evelyn needs a come to Jesus prayer meeting so she can let go and let God. how u gone claim they following you around???? I’m my Kevin Hart voice. ….. reaaaalllyyyyy????? girl you are not that important . I dont stand for side chick life but at some point you gotta get over it.

    • Lovë 22

      THANK YOU!!! I said this last week about Ms. Evelyn and cussed out by some bitter betty on here lol

      • mikster

        lmbo i missed all the comments last week.

    • Yeah he bit her finger and god knows what else has transpired during the course of their relationship

      • mikster

        man listen…. and she was in an abusive relationship before Vince. It’s easy to get back into the same cycle. he might not be as abusive but he def got a lol smack her up in him.

    • Cardio32

      Preach !!! Mama E is a A-1 fool.

    • guest

      Great observation because it was strange that not even Toni showed when out of all the sisters she seems the closest to Tamar and Vince. They’re def not here for Vince collectively. Also did y’all peep when Daddy said in his lil interview “i don’t care if they get divorced Vince is still my son”. Made me think about earlier in the season when he and Ms. E were talking about how Tamar and Vince are trying to have a baby to mend their relationship or something to that effect. He might not have been spilling any beans and was just saying how much he loves vince but idkkkkkk, it was just a peculiar thing to say considering all the speculation around their marriage.

  • mikster

    and for everyone saying Tamar is selfish to bring her fam. I’ve been here every season and she ALWAYS brings him. so im not buying them wanting to bring their family too because one sibling isn’t going to tell me who can’t come with my own coin is paying especially when that sibling is known to always bring her spouse. I promise you there has never been a time in all these seasons that he hasn’t been on a family trip.

    and they make it an issue every year as if Tamar will actually listen.. then get mad cuz she still dont listen. stawp it. and I still think he abused her which is why they really mad.

    • Lovë 22

      Exactly why the sisters nicknamed him “Velcro” in the beginning seasons!

    • Yep that’s what it is something has happened behind the scenes that they will never address on camera

  • QueenDrop84

    Ms. E is still very bitter.. and all the things she said about Braxton and his wife is projection. She is the one miserable and that cant move on. The way I see it is she was very overbearing (per numerous confessionals by the sisters) and he found a woman that was more soft around the edges and decided to leave. Ms Wanda seems like a sweet lady who made a big mistake by messing with him while he was still married, but something tells me Ms E would still be angry if he did things differently. He made a statement a few years ago that he” did not feel like a man in his own home because of the way she and the girls treated him” He don’t get a pass for the way he did it though . all this drama stems from the fact that he did not practice what he preached for all those years. That roman catholic (Christianity) doctrine did a real number on this family…sad to say

  • prettyNpink

    I get Ms E to a certain extent….she is the one miserable not Mrs Wanda and Braxton…ik she’s hurt but 16yrs has passed and she still sound like a bitter ex baby momma lbvs…she going to her grave upset and miserable but what can you say…everybody different but ik I’m not about to be old af and still mad at my ex for 16yrs 😂😂 and they aren’t trying to be in your space because your aren’t that important so calm down E lol

  • MJsDirtyDiana

    One thing that has always kinda turned me off is how it kinda seems like the Braxton’s put the sisterhood before their own families. Maybe it’s just me but I’ve never seen my parents go on vacations with just their siblings and parents and leave me and my brother at home. In past seasona I understood the sisters being upset about Tamar bringing Vince but i think this time is a little different – it’s his birthday! I get why Tamar would want him to be there with him not really having family of his own. I think need to grow out of this kid mentality that they’ve carried for so long.

    • mikster

      fyi its almost always his birthday when they go on vacay.

    • Sisi

      The show is called the Braxton’s Family Values – it supposed to be about the sisters and Ms E as in the intro. When they aren’t on the show I’m sure they aren’t putting their families 2nd place. The reason we know/care who any of them are is because they are Braxton’s.

      • MJsDirtyDiana

        Clearly they are putting their families second place which is part of the reason why most of their marriages have failed. I remember Andre saying something similar about how they all drop everything and run when toni needs something

  • Lovë 22

    Ms. Evelyn, sorry to break it to you but Ms. Wanda is NOT thinking about you! If we are being literal here Ms. Evelyn you are not a “Braxton” either, that’s your married name just like it’s Ms. Wanda’s.
    What mother tells their children to hurt people’s feelings? Damn I see exactly where these girls get if from, apple does not fall from the tree!

  • Dev

    Ms Evelyn was odd. In terms of the Tamar situation she was “it is what is it” and “move on” but with Michael it was a total contradiction of what she said earlier. Her whole rant about them being happy and people wanting to be a part of he Braxton family didn’t make sense and she and Michael share children but not each others lives. Michael said that he has been with Ms Wanda for 17 years, i wonder if that was longer than he was with Ms Evelyn and thats what really bothers her and as she still still continues to be affected/ and hasn’t moved on.

    • Lovë 22

      Thank you!!!!! I said all this last week and was tore down lol!!

      • Pebbles

        Me too! Join the club!!

        I said my opinion changed after last weeks episode..

        I got rutted out..

        Now this week episode people see the light ..

      • Cardio32

        Me 2.

    • Cardio32

      Preach !!!

  • watthehe!!ijustwatched?

    Tamar that beat 🙅🏾

  • Nicole

    Lol did you hear how Michael pronounced Out when he said Hashed Out? So thats where Trina get that weird ass accent from.

  • cleva

    These sisters do not like Vince….at all. lol What did he do.

  • M&M

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s utterly ridiculous to ask married people with children to go on a family trip, that doesn’t include their own individual family? Everyone is grown and there should be no more Braxton Family trips unless EVERYONE is invited. A girls trip is one thing, but since Pop Braxton and Ms. Wanda were there, that ship sailed…I’m just saying.

    • cleva

      I think its about the show…..need a storyline.

  • cleva

    and towanda and Trina’s faces when Evelyn was talking said it all. Evelyn is still deeply hurt. Its always easier for the party that left to move on but she needs closer.

  • Ms Evelyn needs to let go of the bitterness and resentment. It oozes through her pores. I guarantee you Braxton and his wife aren’t holding on to that burden at all.

  • Universal Being

    Ms. Evelyn is the example that her daughters are following. they wouldn’t hold the grudge so long if she didn’t because she would be able to help them heal if she was really healed. That was a weird statement saying that they are the Braxtons and Ms. Wanda wants to be… Ms. Wanda is more of a Braxton than Ms. Evelyn if you want to get technical.

  • Universal Being

    Vince doesn’t have much family and that time of year could be pretty hard for him to spend alone, on top of him almost dying at one point. They kept saying they should have brought their kids and family on the trip….. it wasn’t any of their kids birthdays was it????? Like Towanda got mad and said she would never miss her kids first day of school…. Well, everyone has different priorities and Tamar did not want to miss her husbands birthday… smh

  • aaliyonce .

    *Toni’s voice* “Next season on Braxton Family Values…

    Towanda: Ever since the sister’s trip, Tamar has been unbearable. She’s selfish, blah blah blah
    Tamar: I don’t know what I did. Whatever it is, I’m sorry.
    Traci: Yeah, what Towanda said.
    Trina: Bar Chix…and whatever Towanda says.
    Toni: *birdcall* What Towanda said, but what Tamar said too

    • PowerFanatic

      SPOT ON!!! LMAO

    • mikster

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    • Lixer

      I CANT. Lmao. So true.

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  • Ijoyoyo

    This comment is probaby best suited for last week’s episode and commentcomment section.

    I can’t believe y’all are drink the Ms “Whoranda” (Whore + Wanda) koolaid! Some of you are saying she is likeable–and so what? It was probably with this same “likeability” and soft demeanor that she was able to scam a man out of his close-knit family. I call bullcrap on her, and cannot in anyway endorse her and Mr. Baraxton adulterous union. That this adulterous scheming human seems softer and calmer than Evelyn Braxton doesn’t not absolve her of the immoral act she partook in! If anything, it goes to show that her soft demeanor is a façade. A sincerely soft-hearted person will not in any shape or form indulge in marital infidelities and hurt another woman in this manner. What is wrong is wrong! If she could sleep around with a married man and be a willingly participant in the demise of a marriage, then her “likeability” is absolute hogwash! 

    That being said, Evelyn Braxton is coming across as rancorous. While I am not privy to exactly what went on in her marriage, it seemed like she was shocked at the manner in which it ended. Heck, any woman would be bitter. However, there is a time for everything, and it is time to stop holding on to resentment and pain! Even if only for her sanity and mental health, she needs to do away with the huinrt. It is detrimental to her well being! She seems upset that Pop Braxton moved on and is still with the same woman that facilitated the collapse of her marriage. Either way, she is holding herself hostage to the past and needs to willfully free herself from the hurt and pain. Pop Cheating Braxton and Ms Whore Wanda seem oddly happy, and I wish Evelyn too will find inner peace.


    In all of this, one thing stays constant. Pop Braxton is one SELFISH basItard!

  • Lixer

    Trina definitely gets her accent from her father.

    Vince obviously makes the sisters uncomfortable….this has been the first season in a while that he was on camera this much with them. There’s more to the story and I wish I knew what it was !!! Also, I’m tired of Tamar saying Vince has no family. She makes things dramatic. He actually just doesn’t have parents. Vince has siblings.

    I am Team Evelyn, except when she thinks that Braxton and his wife is trying to follow her…and that they are miserable. I think Evelyn says this to herself to come off as strong but it just makes her look even more bitter. If I was her…I would simply say, “I will never get over his betrayal and I will never be comfortable accepting the product of that betrayal. Therefore, you girls have your own relationship with him and his wife, and keep me out of it.”…but after awhile, you should just be in their presence…and if you want to be petty and call Tamar over and say, don’t she look busted??? And laugh….do that. But after awhile you’re gonna have to take one for the team and face it for the girls.

    I understand the girls struggle because they want both their parents to be around, but they know having “the other woman” around their mother will make her uncomfortable. Braxton needs to realize that and just clean it up by saying, “It’s bad for me to travel alone right now and I don’t want to offend your mother by bringing my wife around, so I will have to pass on this.” and I think it’s only fair for the girls to accept it.

  • Wow…that was really savage and extremely petty, that the sisters didn’t show up for Vince’s birthday. Why take it out on him? Smh!


    I don’t get why the sisters can’t stand Vince he’s really good to them …and him and Tamar are always saying how he wants everyone to live under one roof MEANING ALL EXPENSES PAID LOL what’s the big deal. It’s not like he beats Tamar on the D low …. RIGHT GUYS. ..?

    • ashley


  • luevenia scott

    Vince told Tamar he going , I don’t think she has a say .. he controls her.

  • Senorita Summer

    Evelyn needs to pray for herself because clearly she has not got over her husbands infidelity. After 16 years you really can’t forgive, they say time is a great healer obviously not in this case!

    • Patricia

      i think its b/c she never remarried and embraced a new life for herself. that makes it harder to get over the pain and trauma and seeing that man is just a reminder of it all, all the hurt and loss. b/c she wanted a marriage really bad, as these 6 kids she had and all the grandbabies havent fulfilled her, she needs to remarry. its like shes been grief-stricken and widowed for a long time. its time for a new husband, evelyln.

  • Sisi

    The sisters are childish for not coming to that man’s birthday – whatever issues you have celebrating life should trump them. However Tamar knew fully well it was Vince’s birthday at the same time as this trip and most likely had been planning this all along – the adult and respectful thing to do would be to tell her sisters from jump rather than springing it on them. Cause like they said they could have made changes to their plans and brought whoever. The fact is the sisters don’t like Vince very much for whatever reason (if the reports from not too long ago about an incident are true I wouldn’t like him very much either). Those people Tamar invited are they really Vince’s friends?

  • Baybeetricia

    I still don’t understand why it’s such a big deal that Vince was even there. He didn’t go on any of the activities that they designated as sisterly (which was all of them), he didn’t go to dinner with them, had drinks, shopping..nothing. He just stayed at the hotel, with Logan and the nanny, and did work. When did they even see him? I am sure, had Tamar not said anything, he could have been there and they never would have known so how was his presence bothering anyone? Being that said, I think they all, especially Towanda, needs to grow up. We have all seen how Towanda pulls the strings in this group of sisters where if she don’t like you the others will find fault in something and not like you to. It’s a pattern and no matter how much they profess to not do that or how much times they go to therapy it will always remain the same. (I guess knowing everyone secrets gets others to back you up). SMT.

    Anyway, unlike them, who, currently, still have both of their parents and all of their siblings, Vince has lost both of his parents, he only has two siblings and he almost lost his life so why couldn’t they just suck it up and attend the party to celebrate his life? Oh wait, because Towanda felt some type of way. It’s stupid and hurtful! Granted they might not like him (not sure why) BUT he is their brother in law which therefore makes him family.

    P.S. Trina AND Towanda need to stop lying! They knew they never considered taking their kids. The amount of times they had trips and neither even mentioned anything about bringing them (and that was even when they were younger) so both of them can cut it.

    • Bri Truthful

      I 100 percent agree with everything you said I feel like it’s a little jealousy in the juice they are all divorcees and her marriage is thriving she getting everything she wants out of life and I think it’s bothers them it just seems like they find reasons to be mad with her.

  • ashley


  • IAmLawlessBrooks

    Something DEF had to happen between Vince, Tamar and the sisters because last season to me they were all good. Plus Tamar didn’t really seem to bothered by the fact that they didn’t show up…it’s almost as if shes aware of some underlying issue and like she sorta didn’t expect them to even come!

    Daddy Braxton is all wrapped up in Wanda’s panties! He loves that woman to the point where he refuses to UNDERSTAND that a situation like that takes time! Truth is FUCK his wife! She didn’t seem all sentimental when she was wrapped up in another woman’s husband! And besides Papa Smirf ain’t really care about them coming together! He just wanna clear his conscious cuz he been feeling guilty ever since!

    Mommy on the other hand…she’s still hurt! I think she’s just one of those whose forgiven but just doesn’t want to much dealings with him and his wife and i can understand that!

    Tamar…girllll WHO is doing yo MAKEUP!!!!???!!!

  • D money

    Tamar….that diva act was cute season 1 but girl you are too damn old to be acting like that, all of them were grown when their father divorced the mom, let those old wound heal ladies

  • choklat_princess

    Zzzzz… This episode was an intermittent snooze fest of bitter women. Quite frankly, get over it. MRS. WANDA doesn’t wanna be you, that IS her family whether they accept her or not. Tamar & Vince did what they were supposed to do because had she not come at all bcuz of his bday it would’ve been another bit of drama that “she chose” Vince over them. Had it been me, I would’ve sat in my parkishly big backyard, sipped a cocktail and said “Yup, sure do! Y’all don’t like me anyway! Pish posh back to singleness & misery covered in I love my family curtains”…