Scandal Season 6 Episode 15

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  • AlwaysTrending

    I love Huck, but come on Rhonda.. Jesus himself couldn’t survive all that. Yes I’m still upset about that!

    • [email protected]

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  • Ancient Wisdom

    I was flowing in and out of sleep, exhausting day, but wasn’t there 2 episodes on tonight?

    • Alanna

      It was a two hour episode. Part 2 is missing. I made the mistake on going onto twitter after this episode..

      • Ancient Wisdom

        Why was it a mistake, what happened?

        • Alanna

          Everything that didn’t happen in this episode! :p I don’t wanna ruin it for anyone else. It should all be on Netflix tomorrow though. That’s when I’m gunna watch it.

          • Ancient Wisdom

            Got it. I just got off Twitter, lol. I was exhausted tonight and actually was sleep thru most of the episode. I had to come here to catch up. Can’t wait to see all that I missed.

    • stillpretty

      Yes I literally screamed out PREACH and rewound it and watched again!
      At least with Shonda she uses her platform to put out hidden (but not so hidden) messaages unlike Mona

  • Bemajaycee

    Any tips on how to watch the full 2 hour episode all the way in the uk?

    • Ade0la

      website called Couchtuner

  • stillpretty

    I had to pause this just to say Mama Popes speech at the beginning (white girls braided hair and bamboo earrings) had me yelling out “PREACH!!” She did a sermon and I was almost in the holy spirit.
    Okay I will resume viewing lol

  • LaLaLand

    I still don’t forgive that bitch for almost killing Huck.

  • Missme Whenimgone

    let me find out Liv took off the white hat

  • Dev

    Was i the only one who thought of Khloe, Kim and Kylie Kardashian along with Kanye when Liv’s mum was giving her speech.

  • Dev

    Did Liv’s mum just say girl bye and game recognises game? I’m finished! I cannot deal with mom reciting the urban dictionary

  • Alexis Anea Anthony

    I can’t ever watch anything from here on my iPhones. Can someone help me with this

    • Senorita Summer

      You need to download Dolphin Zero Browser from App Store, it works perfectly fine on there. You can’t comment on Dolphin Zero but can read comments. I have no idea why Yardie’s website is know longer compatible with Safari on iPhones. Hope this helps.

  • Hope road

    Mama pope is hot