T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle Season 6 Episode 6

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  • TinyOfficial

    im sorry but TI is an amazing dad but a terrible husband. the way he talks to tiny actually hurts my heart. He thinks she dumb and doesn’t have the work ethic but i believe its years of being put down by him. He was talking about her not the players. He think, he’s slick. so unsupportive and just mean. She unfortunately does seek his approval. She need to get back to the old her and remind him that she was somebody BEFORE she was his wife!!!!I WISH HER MAJOR SUCCESS AND RUB IT IN HIS FACE LATER.

    • virgie woolf

      He’s a nasty lil son of Napoleon!

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    • mirra.k

      He’s a fricken narcissist I can’t stand his azz and it hurts my heart also I was in tears the first two episodes

      • Kelly Bellie Pratt

        She is soused to his behaviour …Tiny you deserve more and better!!!

    • SipsTea19

      Yea hopefully the group getting back together and traveling will get her confidence back and NOT to show him she can still Win but prove to herself she still got it and don’t need his funky ass approval!

    • Truth

      STFU. he amazing but . just stfu

  • Missme Whenimgone

    their boys are so cute you dont suck your just not that good had me dying

  • 12StepsAheadofU

    I wonder what happened to Tiny’s nail bar….

  • dede

    Wow. I been here. Ti is insecure. He is fucking up bad. This is the best thing that could happen to tiny and she don’t realize it. What I mean is..letting Ti go and doing the things you want to do for yourself. I think tI feel threaten by tiny. For some reason seeing her be independent and business minded make him feel out of control. I can see the frustration and him . The funny thing is they suppose to be divorcing. Why are you still treating tiny like a home wife. I also read that tiny was the one who doing all the planning for her group coming back. The group admit that she the business head in this. Setting the tore up and more. Ti know what he has and it scares him.
    I went through this in the pass. If you think about it back in the day tiny was into her career met ti aND shut that down. The marriage ending and tiny wants to get back to being a business women. This women must had felt stuck for along time. He is gone and she want to get to what she love. Once she get deep into her business side she will not desire tI no more. She will realize how he hold her back from her passion.

    • PowerFanatic

      I indeed agree!! I have always been a fan of Tiny. I just hate she fell into this trend of butt shots and fillers and plastic surgery.. and i think her relationship with TI had all the influence on every body altering decision she made. she felt like she had to keep up with what was “in” in order to keep her man. is that stuff irreversible?
      all she needed was something to come along and keep her distracted and the tour and the group getting back together was exactly what she needed. Sometimes we have to go through a breakup to get our break through. now i hope she have a circle of friends that love her forreal and not encourage her to “work things out with him” all for the money and fame..

  • Greta Lovingme Burns

    Yardie why can’t you download the shows from here no more……#ANSWERPLEASE

    • matula buck

      Yeah that sucks we can’t download anymore! You have to stay there and watch the episode on the website. A lot other sitevare like that also now

  • Nicole Lee

    Why T.I. acting like Tiny is stupid and has no work ethic? He’s so condescending to her, she looks so defeated whenever they discuss her business ventures… Tiny hustled with Xscape on her own without T.I. and she helped fund his career in the beginning if I’m not mistaken.. Also, he forces her to not work at all bc of the kids but then acts like she’s stupid and lazy for not working. It’s ok to be submissive to your husband but.. You still need to check him when he is disrespectful and an asshole. He walks all over her. He steals every morsel of confidence she has in herself. It’s so sad.

  • PR-85

    he said MF that jersey??? Wowwww… he’s disgusting! No support for Tiny at all.. disrespectful af