Scandal Season 6 Episode 11

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  • Kaylington Sans Merci

    WOWWWWWW. Look at Fitz trying to be a big boy. For once, someone came to Olivia’s aid. That’s deep. I pray this doesn’t back fire.

    • Ancient Wisdom

      The FBI lady seemed more like a prop than his sincere love interest.

  • Blah

    Head of the FBI really didn’t know what she was getting herself into. She must’ve thought it was a black woman thing, no sis it’s a Liv thing.

    • Ms. Stay Focused

      hahaha word!

    • stillpretty

      Right!! She had to go sit down

  • Pebbles

    Mellie! Olivia advised ( no she told her) not to do it… and every time she listen to some one else she always find herself in a BIG MESS……

    Fitz grew some and that FBI lady played herself right out of her dream job and her man because of Jealousy… plus she wasn’t his type….. she need to step it up just a tad!

    David look shook………..

    I wonder how they’re gonna get out of this and looks as if PRez and Liv are back on

    • stillpretty

      SHE Sure did! She should’ve kept her jealous ass quiet and acted like she loved every thing about liv!

  • Ms. Stay Focused

    Why Fitz girlfriend trying to get at Olivia? She must be threatened by her because she knows Fitz still care for her.

  • Marie

    Omg shonda stop playing with my emotions. I almost had a heart attack

  • teee

    this was a good few episodes!

  • Dezzy7model .

    The music doe!!!
    Come thru Diana Ross!

  • stillpretty

    Bye Felicia!! 🖕🏽I couldn’t stand that FBI woman!
    CAnt believe that blonde devil really chopped my girls skull like that! This show really just shows you all what’s going down behind the scenes in America though….

    • Ancient Wisdom

      LIke seriously! Even down to forcing someone to go through all that fuckery to win a presidency that will require you to to yield to every whim of your puppeteer whilst under threat of your family’s lives.

      • stillpretty

        I’m telling you…

  • AngelLDN

    JAKE *sghs* …. *faints* ….. Such a hottie!!

  • Actress KAGE

    every episode i get so excited!! this is amazing TV…The plots the twists 🙂

  • Ms_Teezy

    I was so worried about this show when they almost killed off My Huck but yaassssss….Shonda brought it on home! 🙂

  • ash


  • TVJunkie

    Olivia creamed her panties when she saw her dad at the white house! lmao!
    I’m like, why don’t Jake, Quinn, or her boo, kill them peoples?
    This was a good episode!