Bad Girls Club Season 17 Episode 10

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  • NewbieNubian

    Am I the only one lowkey emotional that this is the last ever episode of BGC? I mean I stopped watching awhile back but got to see this and last season cause of Yardy and I’m dead gonna miss the fuckery 😭😭😭😭 *pours liquor*

    • kkola

      Ya it’s pretty sad

    • Santana

      Shit I’m sad too!!! I watch like every 3 seasons haven’t watched since Jayla and them lesbo twins but this season was decent I will miss these hoes!

    • akuakokoblogspotcom

      It’s just over on Oxygen! Show will still air on Vh1

  • kkola

    It’s 1:39 a.m. and unfortunately BGC has come to an. Despite, how boring the show has started to become, it’s truly a bittersweet moment.
    Also, lets have a moment to celebrate, Keyaira UGLY ass being eliminated from the show, which took them longer then ever. BCG didn’t need to end the show with her ugly.


    I wanna know who tf finessed Brii out of 1,100 for that sew in…..

    • JMarieful

      That bitch lyin

  • KemJ

    I swear I only see dust and flies come out of Dirty Ke’s mouth whenever she talks. It’s not your fault you were hit with an ugly stick—but GOOD LORT, you don’t have to be ugly on the inside too 😐

    • Chrissy


  • Damn

    Rip bad girls club . They ended it with a shitty season if I must say .

    • 😉BishWhat😘

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    • akuakokoblogspotcom

      Its not over! Going to air on Vh1

      • braveheart341

        Is that a fact?!

        • Trice

          Didn’t hear that …

      • stillpretty

        I hope not it needs to be over

      • Damn

        Really ?

  • I’m just glad that for once there was someone like Bri to actually go toe to toe with the bully of the house!

  • JMarieful

    Shay is pathetic

    • PunkyHeartLESS


  • xoxcvi

    BGC didn’t go out with a bang like they should have. This season was almost as whack as Jump-A-Hoe Season 11.

    I don’t care if Key won round two with Bri, Bri STILL beat that ass in round one. I love when a bully meets their match. You win some, you lose some.

    Seven finally fought somebody and she didn’t really do shit imo. She fought the weakest person in the house and didn’t even have the upper hand the whole time. Kiki actually swung in this fight too, I’m proud of her big ass.

    • Monica

      Kiki did…. i was sooo happy she swung a couple of times

    • Jomelon

      lmaoooo with her big ass

  • This show ended with a terrible season 😒

    • braveheart341

      Yeah…i feel like we need a do over. One more for the road. a good one with REAL bad girls

      • idgafaboutyouropinion

        it needed to be done by bgc 20 with a bang. this was wack.

  • DreaMLC

    I was actually happy for DeShayla, she finally came out of the spell Key had her under. Better late than never. It would have been sad if she spent the entire time up under Key and Seven’s miserable and boring asses. She saw that she was making a mistake by allowing other people’s perception of the Fab Four to control her interactions with them. She course corrected, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I only wish she’d done it sooner. She grew from the experience, even if only a bit.

    OAN Key’s “…..and I know she’s butt bumping” amongst other things makes me think DeShayla was right about Key having a crush on her. Why was she concerned about that? She acts like a jealous, over-controlling boyfriend.

    Bri still takes the w, Seven and Key’s weak ambush didn’t change that.

    KiKi and her big beautiful self always ready to stand up for herself, needs to chill on the alcohol (I think that’s why she’s always falling and acting out at times). Still seems like a cool person when she’s sober.

    Fran was bugging a little, but she regained her composure and stayed true to herself overall.
    Sayorra is sweet and genuine, but looking for love in the wrong places. I pray she stays safe until she can wise up a little.

    Seven and Keyaira : Nothing to say about those bitter Bettys. I really don’t know why Seven is angry all the time and thinks she’s tough. Key seems like she could be cool, after lots and lots of intensive therapy, really.

    • PunkyHeartLESS

      Best comment I’ve seen so far. I couldn’t agree more. 🙂

      • DreaMLC


        • PunkyHeartLESS

          You’re welcome! 🙂

    • trewashere

      Shayla gon get her ass beat at the reunion show by seven and key 😂😂

  • Khadija Kmx

    I’m just thankful to see that keyaira isn’t rocking the same hair she was rocking the whole season.

    • 😉BishWhat😘

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  • Mia J

    Nathan the Hookah dude is fine though.


      I thought so too. Why didn’t she get with him instead of the mom pants wearing old man.

      • kayla

        I’m dead yo 😂😂😂 but Nathan is fine though!

  • Just_E

    THESE BITCHES ARE WEAK!!!!!!! OMG!!!! Mainly Seven and that loud mouth ratchet bitch Key! Like ewwww, what qualifies you as a bad bitch? Running up on somebody who isnt expecting it. LAME SHIT! If thats what it is to be a bad bitch, Ill be a Grown woman, ALL. DAY. LONG! LLS. A mess.

  • Dafina


  • Luisa Lima

    Any one know any good sites I can watch other bgc seasons?

    • Jay

      every season is on here

  • TJ Kin

    Deshayla is so lost and confused lmao.

  • PunkyHeartLESS

    I really liked DeShayla in this episode. I wish she would have been like this the entire season because she’s actually enjoyable to watch when she’s being herself. Key and Seven got on my nerves for being upset about her hanging with the other girls. They don’t own her. Shay is a grown ass woman and can hang around whoever she wants. Life is too short to be bitter and cliquing up with negative people. The other girls were positive, and even accepted DeShayla, despite her being friends with their enemies. Besides, DeShayla didn’t really have beef with any of them, so I didn’t see the point in her not getting to know them. Key thinks that if she has beef with someone, then her friends have beef with them, too. Life’s not like that and that’s not a real friendship to me. I’m glad Shay saw her mistakes and I hope she is able to grow from this experience. Just stay true to who she is and surround herself by like-minded people.

  • Shay

    dusty key is way too old to act the way she does.

  • Jaayy

    why Key leaving like she ain’t come with nothing with that damn laundry bag over her shoulder while walking out the house, her and seven is wack as hell, high fiving talking bout we “leaving together” after a weak ass ambush lol and Erica better not give her no damn speech about “doing better” and how she knows thats not who she is, Key is miserable as fuck fucking 26 and behaving like that, EVERYTHING is an issue!…I’m extremely proud of Deshayla, and I honestly hope the rest of the girls remain close friends and accomplish their goals excluding seven and key.

  • Queen_Layell

    I’m just happy that counselor didnt ccome back she irritated me and every season I skipped over all her sessions. But honestly Im sad to admit that this had to be one of the BGCs worst seasons

  • AYOOTalii

    I don’t know about ya’ll but I really enjoyed this season, because there was actually people who were able to be real with each other & not fight ALL the time. I feel like it had more of an MTV vibe (real world-ish although the same creators, the show definitely took a turn when they introduced the damn counselor).

    I like the fights, but I also like to see them acting HUMAN, not like they’re better than everyone, stuck up, un-accepting etc.

    So, I would like to see this continue.

  • Cinderelly

    WTF is this shit the whole season 17 was cringy af I am disappointed ……how can they end this shit like this?? unbelievable shitty house shitty cast shitty fights over petty arguments than usual this hurts me yo I’m a big fan of bgc and this is how they end it damn I’m pressed rn