T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle Season 6 Episode 2


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  • brandy

    like really u blame social media for your mans cheating habits … that means if he cheats and nobody knws u take him back … ???

    • Cardio32

      I think Tiny’s mom and Ti’s sister are both delusional. Tiny’s mom asking what are they gonna do ? Instead of saying to Tiny she needs to leave the relationship and don’t look back. And Ti’s sister asking Tiny what about your husband ? And, Tiny not saying “What Husband ” ? I’m getting a divorce.

      • Eaᴦn ᴡorkiпg fᴦom yοur հoᴜƽe ſᴦоʍ twο-sɪ᙮ hᴦs eveᴦy daᶌ‚ anᑯ ƍеt payϲheсk aᏏoʋt $ןkе ‒$3kveᴦy ᴡeek. Cheсk ıt ouᴛ һ℮rе> GET.LC/yKTkU

      • ♡Roshae♡

        No, Tiny is an adult. As a parent of an adult, the question is “What do you plan to do?” You can’t tell a grown woman how to live her life.

  • Ms. Stay Focused

    His daughter Deja is growing up beautifully she’s going to look more beautiful than Tiny’s older daughter

  • idgafaboutyouropinion

    its a shame they are divorcing. they were an inspiration for people who believed in true love and not lust. its hard to find people who are really in love for their whole lives.

  • Carolane

    Tiny is so cute to me

  • Chondell Mallory

    I can feel Tiny’s pain through the tv. She is trying to hold it together but the hurt is real. I pray her strength.