First Family of Hip Hop Episode 8

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  • Love Davis

    The dad gets on my nerves

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    Love how Lady Luck is always 100

  • Ttrini

    Most obnoxious and tacky proposal ever!!! Who snaps their fingers at service industry ppl? Smh disgusting

  • Pebbles

    Nope! Not one of them are because they still asking Leeland what do he want…… He wants them to come to the table with a plan already established

  • GolGo 13

    darnells music is wack

  • Anna

    Did this girl just compare herself to Janet Jackson. Lol, Lea I’m going to need you to get it together sweetheart.

  • debby

    sugar hill gonna be in debt soon big Le whatever greedy af am sleep i love lady luck tho the rest `annoooyinnnng