Braxton Family Values Season 5 Episode 16

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  • Cray Zee

    Yess Lawd….finally. Why all the other shows available within hours and i gotta wait this long in Dubai for BFV!!! Thankyou Mr. World Premiere

  • Cray Zee

    Amped for this season…but what i am most pissed about is that they didnt change their outfits when the song comes on! what were all those behind the scenes shoots with teacups and all the red outfits for?!!!

    • RealtorChick

      Those are just promo’s for the show.

  • braveheart341

    oh haaaaaaaaay. My fav sisters are back

  • FattianaAli

    Vince wow…this deflated balloon look
    .he must have so much loose skin wow I guess good for him beat heart disease

    • Lixer

      stop. please. I do not want to laugh at this.

  • hute shoot

    Traci is still in her feelings over that tweet Tamar sent? Traci shouldn’t have been shady in the first place. Do these sisters know how pathetic it is to use Toni’s Grammys to shade Tamar? Tamar, unlike the other sisters, is actually pursuing her OWN career, and has Grammy nominations in her own right. Using Toni’s accomplishments to shade Tamar is really sad.

    The way these sisters stay in Toni’s puss is embarrassing. These are grown women in their 40s talking about “I didn’t think Toni Braxton would let us stop singing background for her.” What kind of enslavement is that? These women are grown babies. I feel like a lot of hatred towards Tamar comes from the fact that Tamar has ambition while the other girls are comfortable living in the shadow of Toni Braxton. They resent Tamar for wanting more for herself. That’s why Tamar is popping and the other girls don’t have careers.

    • TT

      enslavement girl..

    • CzarloveRHOA

      i dont agree as much as I love Tamar and he music her attitude stinks… This is why people got fired from The Real. You don’t do that and not to your OWN sister.. all she did was re-tweet a FAN who said she should win a Grammy from a particular category that Tamar happened to be nominated for its not to say “Tamar should not have won” … like where are you going lol as you said they are grown women and they have families and lives of their own no one is living under Toni’s shadow (or enslaved foh) I love Traci’s music and her tone of voice too this is her time and there enough time for all! Tamar needs to grow up at 40 now! and stop being a brat YOU CAN ALL WIN

    • Saint Sang Neuf ♥

      its obvious you just started watching the show. they all have something going on outside of being Toni´ś sisters.I don’t know where you got that from… Or maybe you just wanted to comment ..Like honestly ..Do you even watch the show

    • Lixer

      It’s called “obligation” the same obligations Toni felt she had which was enforced by her mother when she became a star. The sisters have been singing background ever since. Towanda didn’t even want to do it but after Tamar left, Toni guilted her into it. Yes you can say no…but it’s the “always there for you” “but we’re sisters and we’ve been singing together all our lives” sentiment that draws them in…..and right when they were about to join forces and tell her they wanted to step down….Toni said hey girls, you guys don’t have to sing for me anymore….and it brought them relief….so it’s not really enslavement.

      Also when it comes to Tamar….Tamar was lucky enough to boo up with Toni’s producer (later manager) who push her career to another level. I wouldn’t base it all on ambition….that took several years….and Traci wasn’t allowed in the group so she opted for a regular life in Maryland….but she never quit and although she isn’t as successful as Tamar, she is an independent artist on an Maryland based entertainment label that secured Major distribution…she did that herself, without a husband with industry pull. In addition to that, Traci’s debut album did better on the charts than the debut for So Many Ways (By The Braxtons)…the album that she held resentment for not being part of. Also keep in mind, although both are R&B, Tamar is Urban Contemporary and Traci is strictly Adult Contemporary….different demographics, different appeals, different results. All of the sisters are doing awesome things for themselves. I doubt there is resentment in the way you’re describing. Tamar just can be brash and narcissistic and is far from humble, and that can make it hard for you to be truly happy about a person that would reply to a compliment – with “I know.” – and not thank you.

    • Angels and Demons

      I agree 💯

  • RealtorChick

    Tamar I Atlanta its Location location location!y’all knew that house was $2.4m when you meant the realtor…
    Towanda Andre has had them kids while you wanted to act and sing backup with Toni, Andre and Townda can’t get jobs because they were scheming insurance company and they had to pay that money back or go to jail! Fraudulent activity! Antavis is so dramatic lol I know him very well kountry bumpkin!

    Why they act like Birdman is the only man in the world..Toni gets so irritated with Tamar when she mentions it.

    Vince looks good but his ass still loves Mac and cheese…

    Logan imma just leave that alone! He sounds and talks. Like his daddy!

    Tamar is soooooooooo messy.

    I’m trying to figure out why didn’t they let the last part air first with there dad and Wanda?

    Trina I hope she gets Tamar.

    • Marenciaga


      • RealtorChick

        Thank you so much!!! ❤️
        Have an amazing day.

      • stillpretty

        Gosh! Whatever they wrote you sure made them delete it!! 😂😂😂

  • spiritualsherene

    😆😆😆😆ahhhhhhhh yardie YOU GOOD 😁😁… RESPECT for uploading Braxton’s 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • spiritualsherene

    The father is SO PRESUMPTUOUS to bring his SHAPE BAD mistress around Evelyn and the family!! The mistress looks like VOMIT compared to Evelyn!!

    • shasyl

      Lol at bad shape mistress.I can’t wait to see what bad shape face looks like.Am guessing she was doing the extra stuff Ms Evelyn wasn’t doing for him to choose that pumpkin.

      • spiritualsherene

        Yup!! All the NASTY stuff!!

    • 9Ether

      LMAOO! I’m thankful that I wasn’t drinking nothing while reading your comment. #JesusFixIt LMAOOO!!

      • spiritualsherene


      • spiritualsherene

        An the thing is these CROSSES men NEVER go UP when they leave their GOOD woman and family, meaning (they ALWAYS leave their honourable woman for something LESS THAN). It’s called the 80% 20% rule! These born fools who think their gonna be young FOREVER, leave their PERFECT 80% (cause you can’t ever get 100% in a relationship cause everyone has flaws) they leave the good good 80% for 20%. And when they realize their mistake it’s too late and even the mistress done UP AND LEFT TOO 😂🤣😂

  • ashley


    • kekeb

      Toni hair ain’t right. Like she cut the sides down with scissors then slicked it down with some gel

  • Hair Lova 🌾👀🌾

    Tamar is trying to mature. The girls won’t let her. They still hold on to old shyt.

  • VNasty

    Episode 1 or 16?

  • dirtychai

    I wonder for how many episodes are they going to drag this “public humiliation on Twitter” situation? I swaer any time Traci needs a storyline, they just bring up some arbitrary issue between her and Tamar.

    S/N: Am I the only one that is annoyed that these 40 year-old women are still riding on this issue with their Dad leaving? Like it’s not even good TV. That old man has apologized like 5 times on this show already. And they keep dragging his ass back on this show to beat him up about it He just sits there looking like a helpless cat-daddy with no linen and no gators, saying he’s sorry again and again. I think he just takes it because he feels guilty.

  • vasy

    the golf cart running Eve over-dead, so funny..Tamar always has some jokes..Towanda man, your skin?! and I would like to meet your makeup artist, like yesterday:|

    • Toneiquaaa

      Soo damn funny… PMSL . rattaa tat splattered…

    • 9Ether


  • Bionca

    I can’t stand tamar foreal

  • Shinypinknails

    I think it’s funny that Tamar now wants to have kids after she got fired from The Real.

    • Toneiquaaa

      now she over 40. She swore up and down she only wanted one. Words are powerful. Hope she get it together.

      • mimi

        she actually changed her mind last season, if i remember she said she wants Logan to have sibilings just like her.

    • CWells

      Whys it funny?

  • Shinypinknails

    I think Towanda is lying about not going outside the marriage. What’s the point in a open marriage if it’s just the man whose going out. That’s just cheating.

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          • Wonder_Woman15

            You a scammer too 🙄

  • Shinypinknails

    Am I the only one that noticed that in the intro Tamar is given more screen time than the other sisters. Like 3 extra secs just for her

    • Wonder_Woman15

      Vince one of the producers.

  • kekeb

    I like Tamar, but she can afford PRP for edges

  • BoomShakalaka

    Towanda is looking good! so is Trci. why is Trina getting bigger and bigger each season? I hope she doesnt have a health issue.

  • coughdropss

    Tamar has been humbled. She finally acting like herself and it’s refreshing.

  • Lixer

    Towanda looked like she was lying about being unfaithful.

    Now about this twitter thing…despite Traci taking a long time to say something, Tamar is still wrong here’s why:

    Tamar mentioned Traci posting a picture of Toni holding a grammy, saying that was shade to her not winning one.

    WRONG. It’s the same thing every season. Someone tries to talk about an issue they have with Tamar and Tamar finds a way to make herself the victim.

    Traci posted that picture after the episode where Tamar said “Toni didn’t pave the way for me, Jesus paved the way for me.” So Traci posted that in solidarity with Toni to say that she (Traci) is the reason why she is here and that Toni paved the way for all of their successes…..esp since Traci had just released her album a COUPLE DAYS before the tweet, on Toni’s birthday and credited her for being an inspiration (Tamar’s grammy loss was several months prior to this tweet).

    A fan responded to that tweet and said, “Traci you’re gonna win one someday.” and Tamar replied to that with her shady autotune comment.

    Tamar got in her feelings and went below the belt. When she knew she was wrong for saying that to Toni knowing that Toni put her on more than any of the other girls did….ESPECIALLY when she is Married to the man who co-produced Toni’s debut album. Nobody resent’s Tamar’s success. Tamar just has no filter and offends people without taking responsibility. This is why she has social media beefs with OTHER celebrities online. The chick is hella talented, but hella childish….and it works for her popularity in the mean girl culture we live in, but you don’t put your own fam on blast like that.

  • spiritualsherene

    Tamar better mind those dreads don’t fall her down🤣Looks HEAVY and favors a MOP😂😂

  • LMAO, “What’s going on Tracy?”
    “Your divorce!”

    Dayuumn! Tracy snatched my invincible wig off with that one! 😂😂😂

  • bee

    i just CAN’T with this blue eye make up! just stop it please

  • DaChickWivDa90’sMusik

    Tamar killed me when she was describing her mother being hit by the cart!! Lol! I love how she said a cart ran over her mother, not her son lool

  • tek neek

    is it me? Do all the braxton sister’s have nose jobs? Tamar still hung up on the traci’s dark skin boyfriend jokes its getting old AF. Ain’t tamar’s husband dark skinned too. 😒 😒

  • tek neek

    Tamar is too extra and its annoying AF…….somebody tell her to get rid of those rahman noodle dreads…..LMAO

  • Mimi

    Towanda is looking so good! Go girl!

  • Teamtwirl

    Did Tamar said she trynna be the black Beyonce? That’s some hella shady 🤣🤣🤣🤣👊🏾

  • AmiraAlexandria

    I’m shocked Towanda hadn’t had sex in three years.

  • What The Hell Ever

    Just catching up on this season and I can’t help but notice the amount of “work” done to their faces since the last season.