Scandal Season 6 Episode 6

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  • TeeBrown

    This episode was the best of this season so far! So much answers to what happened on Election Night. I always knew that Papa Pope had something to do with Vargas assassination but Goddamn!!! His only streak of weakness is that daughter of his, Olivia.

    Wonder who these people are and what else they want him do. I was also hoping to understand what’s up with the girl that Jack didn’t kill… but I’m more than satisfied as I got complete life this episode!

    • sisipawpaw

      I’m starting to think that that informant woman may as well be a B613 agent too!

      But just as I was starting to get really tired of this show, they play it from Papa Pope’s perspective and bring me right back in <3

      Forget Olivia, just give me more PP!

      • TeeBrown

        Girl I’m with you. I’m so over Olivia’s facial expressions. I love this PP storyline!

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  • Ancient Wisdom

    Spoiler Alert! Don’t Read if you haven’t watched

    Eli killed Vargas, shot him multiple times from directly under the stage. If it’s any consolation, he was forced to do it. At 1st I wondered where this random delve back into archeology was coming from… Eli is a brainiac after my own heart! He was excited, thrilled even, to talk about dinosaurs archeology & the like. I see the camera too Eli, who’s watching you & why? That white lady that gave Eli the scans, is the same white lady that Bossed on him last episode. Eli is actually scared! Who ever these white folks are, they are Bossin’ up on Eli using his old love interest to trap him into fixing another damn election. Is this the TPTB’s way of telling us every election is rigged? Well damn Sandra, yu cootie cat must have severe cobwebs to sleep with Eli after he held a damn gun to yu head…ain’t no D that damn good! And to pay for the D with yu life….

    This country bitch is calling Eli Coolio! Wonder if this broad & her walking dead accomplice were always over Eli or only after he left B613. Man always has the same weaknesses…money, family & love. Eli killed his love to save himself and the shit still didn’t work. Olivia wants Huck to kill Papa Pope, how is she so smart yet still so stupid? If her dad dies, she has no protection. Her father is much more powerful than Fuckin-Yu-Friend-Fitz!

  • Kaylington Sans Merci

    Wow…these writers are phenomenal. The actors are phenomenal. I am so moved. They build these characters that are so dimensional and the messages throughout the episode, in terms of those “people”…its all so deep and I am so grateful! We actually are seeing Olivia’s dad for the first time. We got to see HIM through a different sense, Just wow. I feel so bad for him. Olivia is so spoiled. Brilliant but she really doesn’t see how her dad is keeping her alive.

    • sisipawpaw

      One could write a thesis on the racial parallels drawn from Papa Pope’s monologues alone!

      • sis.courtney

        Okay! He let them know in this episode!

      • TeeBrown

        He sure let em know!

  • Pebbles

    Wow! Poppa pope. He should’ve killed that loud mouth woman too.

    • Ms. Stay Focused

      word I would’ve been shot her….annoying!

  • tek neek

    i’m loving this episode so much…… 👍 👍 👍…….and i am also loving the parallel storyline to what really happened to Frankie fargas.

  • BoomShakalaka

    PAPA POPE!!!!!

    honestly he’s one of the best characters in this whole show.

    why he aint kill the blanqita though?

    • Alanna

      The other guy woulda shot him dead, and put out the hit on Olivia if he tried.

  • Ms. Stay Focused

    Sorry can’t sleep with someone who put a gun to my head. I would be like we friends but that’s it since you’re protecting me.

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  • 😉BishWhat😘


  • Ms. Stay Focused

    OMG Poppa Pope I didn’t know you had it in ya love and compassion!

  • sis.courtney

    He didn’t have to kill Sandra like that. My mouth dropped! lol. But I knew the second she was introduced that she was going to die. They made Daddy Pope a human in this episode and I was rooting for him. SMH! That man is hurting. But damn, how long is he going to cry over her dead body like that?!

  • Truthteller20423

    So we are to believe that you’re an expert world renowned paleontologist but you aren’t smart enough to know when your life is in danger? You would refuse to move all expenses paid to Zanzibar because of a dog that can go with you? #weak writing and theme!!!

  • nelly

    When papa pope started crying over the lady’s body lawwd I joined him

  • nelly

    Totally off topic but y’all need to watch Underground if you don’t.It’s in WGN Wednesday’s at 8

    • Kae

      Aldis Hodge is giving me life in this show!!!

  • nelly

    Also fun fact:the annoying white woman who’s scaring papa pope is Jeff perrys(Cyrus) daughter

    • ~~eb

      And Laurie Melcalf is her mom. So crazy!

  • Senorita Summer

    I absolutely love papa pope!! Actually the whole show just grips me like I’m watching a dam horror movie. Lol

  • LabellaMior

    Just when Inwas about to give up on Scandal…yasss poppa Pope…Olive has no clue that HE IS the reason for her being alive….