The Quad Episode 6

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  • Ms. Stay Focused

    That’s why men need to go to the doctor rather than wait till their dying to go…annual physicals won’t hurt ya!

    • Sairah Afriyie Constable Oscar

      He lived a long life. It’s all good. We’ve all gotta die some day.

      • Ms. Stay Focused

        You act the negro is 90 years old…lmbo I’m sure he’s in his 60s that’s that old.

        • Sairah Afriyie Constable Oscar

          He’s not a negro. I really don’t understand why Americans use those stupid terms.

          What is age? His life was long. Longer than yours.
          If it’s his time, it’s his time.

          • Ms. Stay Focused

            Oh excuse me “black man” or do you prefer “African American”? Like C’mon
            Don’t matter my point is he ignored his health which caused him to die quicker…him dying so soon could’ve been avoided. Though we die at some point doesn’t mean we live our lives carelessly.

          • Sairah Afriyie Constable Oscar

            It matters. African American.

    • spiritualsherene

      AMEN to that!! Our men HATE the doctor with a hate BEYOND HUMAN COMPREHENSION!! An that’s their diwnfall health wise!! ALOT of our men could STILL be here if they were to only put that reservation aside! They ESPECIALLY HATE the exam to check for prostrate cancer too, cause most men don’t like the doctor finger in their behind!!

  • Dominique Shante

    Wow, is the sum of this episode for real. Noni is a capital B *TCH! for real, like she really sold out the thing she “wanted” so badly, smh this is why they say never trust the quiet ones. Band director, I really expect to see him go like that, but he was stubborn like a lot of men for some reason so…I guess that may be a “win” on Eva’s behalf.

  • Hair Lova 🌾👀🌾

    I still don’t like Can’t Get Right. It’s something about her. But it glad she stuck it to ole hard face.

    I don’t like the band leader either but I hope he ain’t fade to black. That would be sad.

    Sydney. Straight off the bad I was kinda iffy about her story. They both got me on the fence. Idk

    • Pebbles

      She sneaky & she only out for her self ..

      • Hair Lova 🌾👀🌾

        Yeah I don’t like her.

      • spiritualsherene

        Syndney plainly put herself in a position girls should GO OUT OF THEIR WAY to NEVER be in man!! Smh!!

        • Pebbles

          I was referring to the Gurl in the band … Unsure about Sydney situation … Maybe other girls are waiting in the wings to see how Sydney situation play out before stepping out

          • spiritualsherene

            Oh kk. My bad!! 😊

          • Pebbles

            It’s ok . My comment was clear on who I was talking about . No worries

  • Bodiedbyremy

    My gosh I can’t stand Noni with a passion such a snitch bitch. The definition of poison! I felt the betrayal when the dog began to play. I think the daughters best friend should just stick by her friend. I can’t see why she should believe the guy.

    • Sairah Afriyie Constable Oscar

      I don’t think she will believe him. She’ll believe what her eyes see.. Sometimes we see what we want to see!

  • Lixer

    I can’t stand Noni…and I hate what she did, BUT the band captain deserves all the ish coming to him for what he did to that girl. At the same time, how effed up the Coach can be, I don’t think he deserved that betrayal after he gave Noni a spot and a chance……buttttt then again he did that to cover his a** about the band attack. So hmph, maybe Noni is doing all of this for a reason? But I totally felt hurt for him…that reaction was painful to watch. How will explain this to his sister?

    Now I can see that Eva had a motive…although cheating is not the answer, I can totally understand why it felt so good for a man to be obsessed with her, because it felt like her husband wasn’t fully emotionally committed to her. AHHHHH between this and Being Mary Jane, I’m so proud of what BET is coming to.

    • amber.ludwick

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  • Ancient Wisdom

    Noni, Noni, Noni! If yu gwan play the game like so, hide yu hand…don’t let the bwoy know yu betrayed him. She’s way too green to play this game. Fine ass rival band director plays slimy! The hurt in ole dudes face when his original score was stolen AND played for his sister…without her even knowing…The shade! Excellent acting! Dr. Fletcher’s husband is so cold. Did he ever love Eva? These grown ass boys stay hatin’ on her….if she is really not your equal, then it will play itself out. Now, if you feelin’ threatened by her regality, her intelligence, her track record of success…then step yu game up!

  • spiritualsherene

    NONI BRAVE an DUMB at the SAME TIME 😂😂.. look how she gave her middle finger 🤣… that girl really asking for a FLOYD MAYWEATHER beating 🤣🤣

  • Insta:karen_tta

    Noni’s facial expressions jars my life omg. I actually cannot stand her. That band leader will arrange for someone to beat her up. I feel it coming.Not sure If I will feel sorry for her as bad as that sounds.

    • casey.parke

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  • spiritualsherene

    Mr diamond TOOK A HELLA FALL😳😳😳… I dont see him coming back good from THIS!!😳😳 blood was even coming out the side of his mouth!!

  • spiritualsherene

    Was NONI trumpet even working after OL band leader smashed it😂😂NONI on there dancing with a black taped up trumpet🤣🤣

  • spiritualsherene

    I thought Eva was gonna bring up the point that she never even wanted kids anyway, as a way to evade paying spouse support 🤔

    • Bri Truthful

      She did during their recording with the lawyers

      • spiritualsherene

        Really?? I gotta watch again! Thanks!

  • spiritualsherene

    Eva husband WEAK!!👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  • spiritualsherene

    What is it EXACTLY that Mr. diamond sister has against him so?? Anyway I’m glad she showed up!! It’s just too bad How it all ended, cause Mr. diamond may not even make it, to tell her what was wrong with him in the first place!! PERFECT example of why it’s NOT GOOD to wait TOO LONG to amend things with family!! Cause you just never know when the opportunity will just GO and NEVER come back!!

  • ToadFewcha

    I hate that freshman

    • Ms. Stay Focused

      I’m surprised she still didn’t get beat up yet…

    • London89


  • BoomShakalaka

    lol im with you guys, i cant stand Noni either. everyday, she is backstabbing . everyday. badmind small girl, she will end up getting a beating from somebody.

  • London89



    This show gets better each episode!

  • starrpunch

    Y’all didn’t catch the band leader taking a picture of the music with his phone before he told them he was going to pass it out? After Diamond SPECIFICALLY said it’s not to leave the room. I think he gave the music away. That’s why he was so willing to leave. There’s some shadings going on. There ain’t no way Tyreke from “sister sister” got a full arrangement from listen to Noni play that stanza in the band room.

    • Amanda Hart

      I knew it was Tyreek!!!

  • Amanda Hart

    That opening scene was epic. So this is why he’s the band leader! He’s a beast!

  • TVJunkie

    This show is pretty darn good! Good job BET.

    I don’t think Noni gave the guy the music, but I think she saw an opportunity to pick at the band leader while he was already getting drug. I mean he did threaten to get her after battle of the bands.

    Maybe she is there to dismantle the band from the inside, get some revenge for a family member or someone that was once in the band?

    I hope the rape case isn’t a false accusation. QB was the aggressor, And she clearly was drunk boots! I dunno…