Catfish: The TV Show Season 6 Episode 3

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  • Mc_brittles

    GOOD MUTHA FUCKIN GRIEF. Just when I think I’ve seen it all lol. And the fact that she didn’t respond the first two times he hit her up should’ve told him something

    • Such A Baddie

      That’s what I was thinking, like dude you hit up the “same girl” on two different pages months apart and no response wasn’t telling you something.

      • stephanie.browne

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    • Siphesihle Y

      the account has 15 friends!!! bro WTF!

  • tek neek

    OMFG i wasn’t expecting that to come outside…..LMFAO…..Now it’s safe to say he really got catfished…. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

    • Dominique Shante

      Lmao at “that” smh sheesh

      • casey.parke

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    • TeeBrown

      For real 😮

    • Quintoria Dizney


  • Ade0la


  • Akenn_A

    Lol, oh man…but that guy who got catfished really put that other one in their place, that was the best scolding anyone’s ever given. Poor guy…he’s good looking, seems nice – he’ll find someone amazing. Lmao @ “You need to go to church, get involved” lol!!

  • LaKeicha Burns

    what is this thing jesus

    • Kiara

      that’s really mean

      • LaKeicha Burns

        🙄 it’s so easy to scroll past comments you don’t like…

        • Kiara

          But commenting is more fun!

          • braveheart341

            Do you have 2 accounts and talking to yourself via both of them or something? I peeped that you liked Kiara’s comments. Why would you like a font that is arguing with you? Hmmmmmmmm

          • Kiara

            I literally have no idea what you’re talking about. Kiara is a common name you silly goose, this is my only account.

          • braveheart341

            What the heck does the commonality of the name Kiara have to do with this conversation? I gave you the reason why it was suspect to me, and you did not address my reason. Reading is fundamental! Get on it.

          • Kiara

            you’re so mad girl. chill

  • Kiara

    I felt so sorry for Jose. You can just tell he’s had a really tough life. I fucking hate bullies, that shit really fucks you up. No, it’s not an excuse. But until you’ve really been through systemic bullying, you can’t tell somebody to “get over it.”.

    Hell, I was bullied 15 yrs ago, and that shit still fucks me up.

    • Such A Baddie

      I kind of did too, and usually I don’t BUT that’s because 90% of these catfish think it’s funny, a game, have no remorse, refuse to apologize, continuously justify their wrong doings etc. Jose was genuinely torn up and remorseful and admitted what He did was wrong and the reason he was doing it from the gate, not the next day when nev and max have to force it out of them they were wrong!

      • Kiara

        totally agree!

  • Boeka

    What in tarnation

  • Wealth87

    gosh i would have been highly pissed too! he jus looks so sloppy

  • Naira Gatsby

    LOL this was too funny

  • HotJUICE

    Jesus is REAL!! God bless Danny because I would have straight knocked Jose out

    • Dimples

      lol lol hahahaha

    • Anna


    • Such A Baddie

      But Danny need to listen to Jesus and use the common sense he was given. He contacted multiple accounts with the same photo and hardly any friends that were clearly fake with no response, but couldn’t let it go and kept sending the fake profiles messages smh

  • Anna

    Yes, I was shocked as hell to see a man come out. He literally sounded like a woman on the phone. I was shocked I had to pause the episode. 😂😂😂😂

  • Where are men like Danny sheesh …theres no man like a man that prays

  • lslh

    Danny is FINE! but I fell out when Jose walked out of that house.

    • Such A Baddie

      That’s what was confusing. Danny was attractive enough to pull a real life “Rosa” why was he wasting his time with a chick online who refused to meet up, he act like he didn’t have offline options being so thirsty.

      • lslh

        My exact thoughts!! Obviously if you’ve sent messages to multiple pages ITS NOT HER!!

        • Such A Baddie

          Yea, I can see if he sent a message to the first profile and no response… but to see another completely different profile and message that too? 2x’s no response and then he “comes across her finally again” in a 3rd different profile and still tryna contact her, no real person has multiple pages, he act like he wanted to be catfish, like come on.

          • lslh


  • Dev

    Although i liked the sentiment of the show i still think its bull. Danny’s chasing this girl online when there are probably women in the church connected to god who like pooch emojis. If Danny has spoken to any of the men in church they would’ve advised him to let this go and not go on TV to spill his business and maybe hooked him up with someone they knew.
    The moral of this nice story via Catfish is forgiveness and be nicer to people.
    The End

  • Cameron

    Danny got a good-ass heart! As much as I believe in God I don’t think I could’ve remained so calm. I know there’s been some major upsetting turnouts on this show, but MY! GOD! This wasn’t a catfish, this was A Great White Whale of a Lie!!

  • BoomShakalaka

    aww. probs one of my fave episodes. Danny is very kind for his advise and prayers instead of focusing on himself. and good Jose seems to have a better hold on his life.

    • Marenciaga


  • Midland B Salomon

    I swear i heard a woman’s voice, wth yooo just crazy

  • @nandiwest

    Okay this definetly made It to the top 3 best episodes of catfish😩😂

    Danny knew it was too good to be true but he was still hoping that he might still get a sexy Spanish girl as his concolation prize.

  • Shannon Green

    FFS, i was not expecting that!

  • Chrissy


    No offense but this episode was finished for me when José came out the house. I could tell it was a man from the phone call… I literally leaned back and covered my mouth.. I wasn’t expecting that.

  • xoxcvi

    OMG I knew it was a man when they called him, he let his voice slip up a couple of times. LAWD.

  • braveheart341

    People generally sound he way they look. From Rosa’s voice, I knew the pics were of someone else. The voice sounded like the person is husky…definitely not like a dainty, pretty girl, but DAMN it didn’t cross my mind to be a MAN! My heart went out to the Catfish, but Danny truly has the love of God in him. Good episode. Word of advice to Danny though, if you’re looking to save somebody, you’re always going to get a victim.

  • bebetwig

    Nev and Max are low key bisexually. I don’t care what anybody says lol.

  • Ozi

    Danny has such a good heart and has helped Jose’s relationship with God. i’m sure Danny will meet the right person soon.

  • bebetwig

    When i saw the real rosa aka jose come out-Omg i would have attacked him. like ew its not even a girllllll smh. Poor guy youve been catfished!

  • Nev is always doing something homoerotic

  • Ms.Wilson

    Danny is an amazing man! God walks through him!

  • kkola

    Yooooooooooooooooo I would of fought Jose. He would of been stabbed with a branch. This had me tight 😩😂 this dude got catfished BAD!!!!!!

  • kkola

    BUMBACLOT, he is skilled putting on that girl voice.

  • Damn

    Omg that guy has such a beautiful heart . His prayer had me in tears , I was crying so ugly .

  • Coco

    I feel sorry for Jose… smh

  • Jazmine


  • The Bronxster

    danny wanted to be catfished. i don’t feel sorry for him.

  • The Bronxster

    this bout to be the best catfish season. cuz MA’AM i was not at all ready.

  • Libra luv

    Man, I need a Danny in my life! God bless him!

  • I feel so bad for the guy who was the actual catfisher. Goodness.

  • pissed off

    Have to admit Dani is a good dude. Man cause I would have prayed alright, after I kicked his ass…… Jose aka Rosa you were dead ass wrong.

  • Quintoria Dizney

    i come for the comments catfish is on a whole nother level

  • mirra.k

    Wowwww..but he,should’ve knew