Star Episode 12

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  • MChantye

    Star is that bitch. All those girls can sing. I think the pregnant girl is going to loose that baby

    • artiztah

      I was thinking the same thing too.

    • NeicyN

      Yes I think so too, a baby doesn’t go with the storyline right now

      • MChantye

        right, and I bet her boyfriend only wants her to keep the baby because he will never walk again, and she doesn’t even know that yet.

        • Sairah Afriyie Constable Oscar


      • Rita

        But i want her to have the baby i love them as a unit and im sure they’ll have all the support and help in the world with the baby 😢

        • pbrown0209

          I think she will resent him so much because it will be hard to have a career with a baby by a man that can’t walk!!

  • Bri

    Yess I am so here for the finale, the writer definitely got us on the edge of our seats tonight.😀

    • amber.ludwick

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  • FattianaAli

    Monica didn’t look good at all

    • AEhollister

      I have to disagree. Monica does no wrong ever! Lol

      • Kaylington Sans Merci

        I live for her and her vocals, but Im over the short and sweater combo honestly lol

        • Lixer

          She has that typical Atlanta style. Atlanta is like it’s own universe….they have their own celebrities and gaudiest style.

    • madalchemist

      I think it’s the hair… I’m not crazy about maybe half of her wig/quickweave collection… for a short do it was a bit too windswept, and it takes away from her face and the overall outfit. If she would have had a simple black bob or something she would have looked fly.


    I remember seeing Quincy on the Kardashians back in the day and I use to think to myself who is this mono brow light skin Cutie…. it’s nice to see him talk on this show… My Putang will always have a soft spot for him.

  • Cheyenne J’dore

    Can’t stand Eva

    • brandy

      that s why she is dead

  • D money

    This show is too damn good like this was one of the BEST episodes this season

  • D money

    I love how Simone had her sister back and fucked that nigga up behind her sis, i kinda knew cotton was gone get caught but I was hoping they wouldn’t wonder did she get the surgery, Eva a snake ass bitch and she got what she deserved she was gonna die anyway had hial didn’t save her, I hope Quincy starts walking it’s gonna be sad if he doesn’t, star a real bitch

  • Pebbles

    This show started of slow ,slightly booooring , but baaaaaby! LEE YOU DID RIGHT BY US WITH THIS FINALE.

    • Marenciaga

      chuuuuch!!! i liked hunter’s sexy ass (his body not his ways) hials been through too murch lort! i mean what a scene to discover! Carlotta done called the popo over her child-i can’t. Looks like big boi will have to come back around and ask to manage the girls again seeing as eva”s gone.i would’ve wanted the song choice at the contest to be more different and full of life and no as predictable like maybe a tie and another song for the judges to decide. i pray that it wasn’t hunters mom that ordered the hit, i’m hoping it was that pleated-face madam owner of the club who did….and i must say i really did think that carlotta or cotton killed ol otis, i was surprised by that situation…heres to next season!

      • Pebbles

        I’m gonna go with hunters mother. Remember she paid on the condition that hyo get rid of star, he double crossed her… it wouldn’t surprise if it were her.
        Well! Kotton stole dudes money, but she messed up because he was accepting of who kotton is all she had to do was asked I’m sure he would have given it to him.

        I didn’t agree with the song choice but shrugs shoulders

  • vasy

    Hial comes in and puts his hands all over Hunter’s body umm what the hell, your DNA?! anyways Hunter and Eva had it coming-both acting crazy as sh**! poor Hial will probably be blamed/framed for that murder..I love Quincy and hope he walks cute yum 😛

    • Pebbles

      when they do the time of death, he was at the hospital with cops while cotton was in handcuffs that’s gonna save him.

      Secondly hunter mother gonna regret doing what she did when she realize she killed her son

      • Sairah Afriyie Constable Oscar


      • Kaylington Sans Merci

        damn you right, I didn’t even think of that!

      • Rita

        She really gone be mad when Star ends up with that house because didnt Hunter put it in both their names?

        • jtv1994

          How she gone pay for it? Oh wait they won a million dollars, never mind.

          • Rita

            He said he bought it so im assuming its paid for

          • jtv1994

            I meant like keep the house up.

      • vasy

        Truth..I was thinking about Hunter’s mom she was laughing about Hial now will be crying over her son, hmm lifes crazy..
        I thought maybe the affair was a one time thing like she was just being the crazy bird she is, trying to get Hial and Hunter on her side against Star..
        I get that he took some of Hials drugs but dont know how he had that energy after his wrist/arm was supposed to be twisted and mangled up by Star-TV-lol

        • Pebbles

          Men will find strength for sex

          • vasy


          • casey.parke

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      • HeYNoW

        I don’t think it was Hunter’s mom who put the hit out. It was the guys he was supposed to be trafficking the girls for. Remember he got that call like, “They know!”

        • Pebbles

          when it happened they had suspicious,but no confirmation and remember she called telling hiyo that they know…..laughing on the other end, but I don’t think she expected her son to be caught in the crossfire and in the manner that he died smashing eva a nemesis of star. Next season will be off the chain….

          cause he gotta call the cops he to overwhelmed not but I can see him going to hunters mom telling her you killed you son….. you killed all trying to get back at me….. ( tew much! I’m guessing) but what I’m sure of next season will be off the chain

  • Dev

    I had to watch before i read the comments. I’m glad that heifer Eva is dead but do we get to find out if she was just a b!tch or if there was a motive for her actions because sleeping with Hunter was a bit too much in the quest for fame?
    I think the mum put out the hit so basically killer her long bodied son

  • micky

    goddamn this episode was soooooooo damn good

  • BBianca

    if you are wondering wether or not to still give this show a chance, this episode is well worth a watch. Then come join us here in the comments for after show discussions 🙂

  • Twinelle Baidoo

    woaaaaaah best episode

  • Ruayida Sheikh

    This is my first time ever commenting i just had to! This episode was just mind blowing! And did Charlotta snitch on her own flesh and blood?? Or did they just found out,cause surely a investigation takes quite some time b4 finding the suspect. And i give it up to star she done hunter well by breaking his bomboclurt wrist.. and then he dies with the wicked witch Eva 👌 i feel sorry for hioa tho.. it gets from bad to worse when all he does is pushing through for everyone. I really hope that Quincy gets hit with a miracle and start walking he doesn’t deserve this at all! I can’t wait for the next season 🎉

    • Lixer

      I don’t think she snitched. I don’t think Carlotta would go that far. The Asian lover more than likely knew the last person that was around at the time his checkbook went missing….and he knew that Cotton was transgender, giving them the ability to further check out the disguise she had when she cashed the check….so many variables! Its cray….all I hope is that she at least got her kitty kat, and that Quincy walks again!!

  • Modupe HairMagnet Adeleke

    I said it last week it was Eva who snitched. . The show is too predictable

  • 😉BishWhat😘

    Lol bitch set herself up to be killed

    • pbrown0209


  • Coco

    Ryan Destiny is the true star of this show she actually has real talent she can see live and is so beautiful and likable,

  • brandy

    did cotton get a new kittycat before the arrest.???

    • pbrown0209

      GTFOH! lmaoooo We need answers!

  • kkola

    I hope everyone be aware Eva is he snitch. I can’t fucking stand that hoe.

  • Kimmy K

    An amazing finale! This conquers all of the episodes.

    Was Hiale crying because they died, or because they slept together? Both perhaps.

    • madalchemist

      Aside from the mere shock of walking in on two people you know dead, I’m sure it was the collision of it all… Him and Hunter obviously had some sort of friendly relationship, however breezed over it was, and he had been sleeping (and bonding) with Eva for weeks — so of course there’s an element of confusion and betrayal — probably coming down from a coke high to boot, just got fired by the girls, has a hit out on him for some major* debts, just found out Cotton is his child just before Cotton gets a sex change operation, like… of all the characters, Jahil is the only one that hasn’t really caught a break the entire season.

      Those tears were definitely not localized and they were well earned.

      • pbrown0209

        He really hasn’t!! I was rooting for him to be their manager!!

  • Kaylington Sans Merci


  • JSF

    The show was good.. Had no idea I would tune into every episode. The only thing that sorta bothered me is the girl getting pregnant. She seemed smarter than that and I hate that the only dark skinned girl in the group gets pregnant.

    • madalchemist

      Pretty sure at some point she explained it was a broken condom situation… and prior to him she probably didn’t have much training in the realm of birth control, or maybe just no need for it. Accidents happen to even the smartest girls, no reason to be bothered by it.

  • beauty dot

    yes was it hunters mum forreaallll??

  • jtv1994

    That last song, is probably was the best song on this song.

  • Miss T

    Amazing. Lee Daniels is talented. Big boy “we don’t do baby mommas” lols

  • collegesista

    Wow…I just watched the Quad then now this! This past week was very eventful for tv lol. For some reason, I thought that the older white lady with the black hair who owns the strip club was the one on the phone. I remember that Hunter’s mom set Jahil free so I guess it makes since that she was the one on the phone. I saw some comments that said Eva snitched but did she snitch about Otis’ killing and about the girls set free?If so, that’s crazy…but anyways I can’t wait for the next episode!