First Family of Hip Hop Episode 4

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  • Chanty Moore

    Hahahh I only watch this cause m2m rhoa and black don’t come on everyday n I need a time passer! 😒

  • This show isn’t that bad .. it’s entertaining; just have to wait a few more episodes for the “tea drama” to pop off lol

  • Love Davis

    Darren’s girlfriend is so desperate and forcing things like calm down you keep chasing him and letting him buy you but yet your not a charity case ☺️

    • cleva

      you mean LEASE her a car. lol

  • Chanty Moore

    Ok now that I watched, Lady Luck just might be onto something.. the last episode Lea tells Luck that was “only an executive producer” now she can’t even get credit for her work! 🤥

    No Bueno..

  • Love Davis

    Lealand wanna talk about he has to do everything that’s funny he thinks he’s too good for his family he doesn’t listen to them he wants all the money for himself he greedy then his girl wants to marry him he barely pay attention to her like what the hell hes lucky somebody wants to be with him the way that he acts towards people he has a serious disconnect to his family and needs help he’s mentally not there and he tries to hide it it’s obvious he’s hurting from something he better hope his gf don’t leave him he thinks people is supposed to wait on him money doesn’t buy you happiness he’s seriously unhappy

  • Love Davis

    Eseni is stupid I’m dating a baby and I better not be pregnant you opened your legs after he got you that new car like stop acting surprised and if your dating a baby why you settling for Peter Pan who won’t grow up she’s in it for the money clearly

  • NewbieNubian

    I would never support Lea’s shady, two-faced, using, no personality having ass. Lady Luck has all of the talent, integrity and personality. It’s not always easy to find a creative team that yo have the right chemistry with. Look at Ciara and her career post-Missy and Jazzy Pha. She is just so eager to make it she will do anything but the right thing and thats probably why she will make it. But, me, I could never, ever support her or her music.

    Love Lady Luck and her energy. She’s like the only likable one.

    • ThisTriniChick

      I agree…Luck had her best interest at heart …now she thinks she’s gonna gonna be using her songs after she gave her the boot, lol she got another thing coming…Grass ain’t always greener

  • DreaMLC

    I like this show, but Luck is really the only likable character. Lea is talented but is so selfish and spoiled. She doesn’t make me want to support her as an artist. Lea not wanting to even give her cousin credit on the work she did, is low. Leland comes across as a hard ass and jerk, but is a softy inside. He needs to let the good guy out more. His children are disrespectful and believe they know it all, and Leland doesn’t want to admit that he doesn’t know it all either. Overall, too much ego and no trust between the family members. Darnell is definitely smashing or trying to smash that artist. He has zero respect for Eseni, and she is not demanding it.

  • Chrissy

    Lady lucks heart is in the right place 100‰ of the time they’ll appreciate her whining soon enough.


    My mouth dropped in utter disbelief when Lea AND her manager didn’t give her cousin Lady Luck no recognition for those songs they both just looked at one another with that stupid ass look on their faces. I truly hope Lady Luck shops out those songs and gets paid. JUST LOW DOWN DIRTY!

  • RealtorChick

    Looks like lady luck. Doesn’t like to be called a lady literally! 😂shes more business minded.
    I don’t like that little boy Darren he gets on my nerves #lame I guess Ensi is prego.