Star Episode 2

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  • Likklebit89

    I’m first this was good

    • Pebbles

      Next episode looks even better

  • EON PaHRaye

    How this man still alive… I feel like I’m missing a significant part of Alex and derrick relationship.. cause they got hot and heavy real quick.. I ain’t know it was that deep… and yass Mami Naomi come thruuu.. and star low key be doing too much

    • Kaylington Sans Merci

      The gag is it’s not low key smh I roll my eyes every time she comes across the screen. I’m here for Alex story line more

      • EON PaHRaye

        I mean it hoeness can be entertaining sometimes, but she stay overstepping her place, like you really gon call the girl out her name for not telling you her parents were famous then try to sleep with her father, like grrrl chill

    • Tia Jackson

      Yess always trying to out sex somebody

  • Lovë 22

    Lol wait I know that wasn’t Jessica Dyme?? Right after the scene with Love & Hip Hop on television LMAO!!!
    Come on Tyrese with the speaking in tongues!!!

    • Pebbles

      I think it was .. I kept saying she looks familiar

    • Cherri Smith

      Yes that was her

    • K.P

      Yes lol and Joseline was on the first one….This show lol I’ll be back though

    • FattianaAli

      Yeah that was her she looks good. slimmer . last episode Joseline , maybe Karlie Redd next episode

    • artiztah

      I was dying mona be getting a percentage on the show lol for air time.

  • Fame_starr

    Lmfaooo a thirsty whore 😂 I live for Amiyah Scott ♥️

  • Myemaildied

    This show sooo stupid lol. Ill be back next week though.

    • MsBee8

      lmfaooooo samething i said

    • therealnumber1

      Lmbo!! Exactly

    • Lol I won’t. 😂😂😂 And your display pic is pure jokes looool.

  • Zuri A.

    So, the only two heterosexual black men on this show are 1) a rapist 2) a ain’t shit father who’s potentially a pedophile?


    Ok.. Fuck Lee Daniels

    • Ms. Stay Focused

      That’s what it seems…lol

    • therealnumber1

      Tyrese character is a pastor…

      • I won’t be surprised if later on in the show, he turns out to be a down low pastor or something. I feel like it’s always gonna be ‘something’, because it’s Lee Daniels lol.

      • Jessica Williams

        He has a thing for Queen Latifah’s character, if I’m not mistaken, they be rolling in the sheets next. Derrick (Quincy) is a heterosexual black male tho.

    • alex

      Tyreese a pastor lmao

      • Dee

        I died when he spoke in tongues!

    • braveheart341

      ..and everything he stands for

    • Bri Truthful

      He only promotes black fruits like himself for the most part Lol but of course they has to be a God fearing one not far behind

  • Ms. Stay Focused

    Did Star just sleep with Alexandria’s father? Damn is it that serious?!

  • Ms. Stay Focused

    Alexandria- Kim Porter and Derek- Al B Sure lolol

    • artiztah

      haha I’ve been saying that. lol

  • Lixer

    I’ve known white girls like Star….personality and all…..and she annoys my soul because of it.

    Also that scene with Lenny and Star… almost made me stop watching. They really had to take it there?

    Lastly, these girls have NO VOICES…..I just don’t understand why it’s so hard to find strong singers these days. It’s like they can follow a tune nicely but none of them have strong or distinctive voices. It’s even annoying to hear them sing to big beats that are heavier and louder than their thin vocals.

    I said in the middle of watching that I can’t watch this anymore….but it gathered itself at the end…so I guess I’ll be back LMAO smh.

  • therealnumber1

    Tyrese and Queen together…idk…i guess…they need to stop with the speaking in tongues…not cool, dont play!!

  • Chrissy

    Omg.. This is really corny lol

  • Lol but how come it took so long for episode 2 to air??Or did it air in America earlier, and Yardie is just now posting it?

    • Lixer

      The holidays and the fact this is the actual (mid-season) premier. The first episode was the pilot. They only showed the pilot back in December so it could follow Empire’s winter finale time slot to get their viewers.

  • alex

    when i saw how many celebrity roles there were going to be i was bit worried because the first episode was really good and i didn’t know if it would turn into a shit fest, But Lenny, Tyrese and Naomi’s roles played out perfectly in my opinion.

  • I thought the music would be enough to keep me watching this show. But err….it’s not. I can’t even finish watching this ep. Too many ridiculous scenes!

    • Chrissy

      It’s like the cast has no chemistry lol

    • Bri Truthful

      Its like a Lgbt musical Lmao!

  • Abstruce

    Lee Daniels in the new Tyler Perry… smh

    • artiztah

      damn saraight

  • FattianaAli

    Queen Latifah left her proper acting skills in her purse at home for this show, she said fuck it I’m just gonna coast and save my actual talent for a show that makes sense

    • BriDawk

      Lmaooo. Queen is the only legit actor on the show. I’m trying to continue watching because I like her, but this show is really not that good.

  • FattianaAli

    how many people have dead mum’s on this show like half the cast damn

  • Queen tt

    I love it so far we don’t get shows like this in England I’m deffo locked in nxt week

  • ToadFewcha

    I don’t care what no one says Star is lightskin or how these rappers say it Red Bone she can’t be white LMAO

  • ToadFewcha

    Amyiah Scott is a transgender holy shit

  • ToadFewcha

    Jessica Dyme

  • ToadFewcha

    Simone = Kehlani

  • BriDawk

    The acting in this show is not that good, but I’ll keep watching until I’ve had enough. I’m trying to support it, but Star is getting on my nerves.

  • Rossellini

    How are they gonna have Love and hip hop playing in the hotel AND guest star Jessica Dime and Joseline?
    So stupid

    • pbrown0209

      IT’s really not…they are in Atlanta…the show is Atlanta…the people work at the strip clubs in Atlanta..i.e…they are in the strip clubs in the show just like real life.

  • braveheart341

    well after Lee Daniels said he made this show with a white lead so that white people could be comfortable again, his cooning ass could fall of the planet for all i care. Him and his poorly written, horribly acted ass shows.

    • Bri Truthful

      Not to mention he has to put as many queens as humanly possible in one show because hes a damn queen his self

    • Tia Jackson

      Wow that’s crazy

  • BoosieBoo

    Lmfao this shit dumb Af

  • Shay fulmer

    Married to medicine ??????????

  • Brandee

    I’m just glad to see quincy with a chocolate girl

    • Bri Truthful

      He was with a chocolate girl on Brotherly Love too

  • CzarloveRHOA

    what … wheres episode 1 ?

  • Miss T

    On here like 2 weeks ago. Go back a couple pages.

  • Miss T

    What on earth was that person the coke heard kissed? I’m disturbed frfr

  • Bri Truthful

    I would rock the world out of Quincy young yellow ass😈

  • Tia -Ely Royana

    so Jimi Hendrix REALLY accepted this role???? Wtf. What’s wrong with people -_-

  • Keke Felton

    Straddling the fence on this episode. Not really feeling all of that

  • Tia Jackson

    Star always acts like a little prostitute

  • Hope road

    LennyKravitz mate .. his expression stay at 😑. The whole way through I know it’s acting but dag at least pretend it’s real. Sooo that girl went to church and sang and everything and still had those pills in her hand. Sooo Alex and that guy fell in love in 2 hours.. Sooo Tyrese just speaking in tongues… Sooo ms Lawrence gonna be the best actor on this show…Sooo Sky work in the salon and no one can sort out her roots…. Sooo Jessica dime just gonna pop up 😒🤔😳😭

    • Tia Jackson

      😂😂😂 right