The Haves & the Have Nots Season 5 Episode 1

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  • PR-85

    This episode was snoooooze.. UGh.. I hate that Tyler does this.. builds up all this anticipation just to have a regular episode lol.. I wanted more!!

  • IAmLawlessBrooks

    Yo at 3:38 (Do You Know How Well I KNow You???? *Sips Tea) lmfao when Caterine sipped that TEA…..OOOOoohh CHILLEEEE lmfaoooo her expression was everything!!!

    • Pebbles

      Didn’t she spill it ?

      Oh! Veronica…. no wonder she dislikes Candance.. they’re just alike

      • Cathrine gave me life talking about what Veronica had to do to get that grant from her dad and his old dick…lmao

        • Pebbles

          Now she can stop acting uppity all the time .. She a hood rat too.. Just an older version of candance.

  • Britney Porter

    The first episode was kinda boring but it gets better week….

  • PR-85

    Stupid Jeffrey was talking so loud on the phone, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else heard him in the hallway.. smh

    • Mrs.Yummie

      I know he makes me so sick sometimes😖 And I love Candice with her lying ass🤥

      • pbrown0209

        Right! It’s crazy how I be rooting for her criminal ass! lol And her mama gets on my NERVES!

        • kkola

          OMG I can not stand her mom for the life of me. Always trying to preach and judge as if she ain’t had some skeletons in her closet.

        • Nette

          I am always hoping Candace get away with her crimes

        • I thought I was the only one that did not like the Momma lmmfao

          • pat

            Me too! Its like i know am supposed to like her but at the same time she can be too much, i get her concept but sometimes she can show a little love to her daughter

    • BCampbell

      Exactly but while he’s snitching why isn’t he telling that Quincy attacked them instead of making it sound like dude just came to the house and got stabbed just because.

      • Carmen Brown

        right…the only thing his dumb ass said was “he came into the house”..I’m like “well for what?”…smdh…

        Tyler Perry should not have put that 22 year old looking boy as a future POTUS…Like come on Tyler P…this shit is so unbelievable…

  • MChantye

    For some reason, I just dont think the lady prosecutor is really dead

    • stillpretty

      You know you always have to doubt everything on this show! 😂

      • Yerp.

        Wyatt came back to life. Candace’s son Q came back to life. Jim Cryer never really pays for any crime he commits. 1 day can stretch into 2 months. All dat.

        • stillpretty

          Lol yes and yes and yes 😂😭

    • Pebbles

      If she pops after Katherine unloaded all the bullets into her, either she had a vest on or perry fave her nine lives.

      I’m thinking that someone gonna call from Katherine house the cops gonna rush there

      I’m hoping Katherine lives to terrorize Veronica

      • Nette

        I don’t think Katherine really killed Jennifer I think she did that to scare Veronica

    • Kiki Wiles

      I feel like Catherine will go back in the living room and not. find her body there

      • ZionLive

        for real I thought the same thing too. Even I was a little shook… like damn this bitch is mental.. DONT TAKE NO TEA WOMAN SHE SPIKED THAT SHIT LMAO

    • Carmen Brown

      i think they’re trying to trap Veronica….but Catherine really is mad at her about Wyatt….so she might be dead…lol

      • MChantye

        okay, I didnt even think of that…wow what a twist that would be

  • TishaLicious

    Hmmm this some crazy shiznit….that first scene with Kat & Ver was way too long

    • That’s the problem with Tyler Perry shows. His eye is shit and the writers suuuck.

      They’re oblivious to their long, drawn-out and repetitive 10 minute scenes (saying the same thing over and over) that are amateur-ish, 3rd grade and irritating as fluck.

      • ZionLive

        I’m with u on that. I didnt even pause it and went to get my ice cream and come back and they still in the same spot saying the same thing…. kmt some sunset beach bs lmao but I’m fully here for it.

      • TeeBrown

        I thought I was the only one who peeped that.

  • RockyBanks

    I’ve seen some of the females talk highly of this show on here… is it really that good. Is it scripted drama or reality tv?

    • Mrs.Yummie

      Its more of a Soap Opera IMO, but very interesting when it gets juicy. I would recommend you watch from the beginning though

      • RockyBanks

        Thanks. I’ll check it out.

  • Mrs.Yummie

    Catherine had Veronica’s ass shook and I am so here for it. Lmfao Veronica met her match but we know Veronica’s devious ass got some tricks up her sleeve. Candice should have kept hitting Brandon(Oscar) til the white meat was showing. 😭😂😂😂 David is such a sucker for love. I thought Jim’s face would be healed by now🙄 And War is about to live up to his name

    • stillpretty

      Nah it’s been about a week HATHN time! 😂

      • Mrs.Yummie

        I know right🤣

    • Jim’s face healed? Even in the new season? Girl, stop.

      Perry’s raggedy-ass writers will string 1 day into a daggone month.

      • Mrs.Yummie

        Right lol

    • My question is…how in the hell is Veronica worth 25k and in debt for 29k. Some sad mess right there. Talk about living above your means!


    The continuation is convincing, I’ve never seen Veronica scares, Catherine really used that her character to intimidate Veronica


    I hope this season candice will be put away for her crimes, the stretch of her character is getting really wide and too familiar, we need new faces and more storylines.

  • RockyBanks

    Who here used to watch the bold and beautiful? I used to watch that shit when I was 15 years old about 15 years ago, I used to love that show..My guy friends used to think I was weird watching that show..But it was addictive…AND Sunset Beach now that show everybody in my school used to watch, when you think back it was so cheesy but at that time it was TV GOLD..

    • Mrs.Yummie

      I used to watch it and the Young & the Restless. Lol. Victor Newman was my favorite

      • kkola

        Yasssssssssss lol

    • Pebbles

      Meee that used to be my ish


    The black Young and the Restless with a hint of Passions.

    • kkola

      OMG I used to love watching Passion. Lmaooooooo

    • the lollipop guild

      hell naw both those shows were boring this one is a higher level lol

  • stillpretty

    So glad this is back!!
    So Veronica got shot last week (cos you know in this show it all happens in one day 😂) and now she’s going to get stabbed!
    Lawd 🙈

  • Realtorchic

    Verconica slept her way to the top, she slept with Katherine daddy to pay for college! Hanna still works my nerves, laws they’re about to let War out of jail. David still stupid that girl might get pregnant by him.

    • David is the dumbest most naive character on the show.

      Oh and I’da beat every dingleberry of dogshit outta Oscar.

  • Keke Felton

    Catherine finally snapped lol yesssssss

  • Tauryn🌸💕✨

    When does star come on?

  • Lovë 22

    I still don’t see the purpose of killing D.A. Sallison ( and before y’all say something, I’m fully aware of all that has taken place on the show been watching since day 1 & never missed an episode) I just don’t think it was necessary.

  • watthehe!!ijustwatched?

    **clutches pearls** that Catherine’s no joke she really bout that life 😯

  • Pebbles

    Hey! Y’all I think the NEW mark will be the the guy running for president.

    Perry or his workers if your reading this please give Hannah a love interest , give her something do besides running around her grown.

  • Myemaildied

    Catherine pale self is lit. I love it

    • TeeBrown

      I love your avatar LOL .

      • Myemaildied

        Thank you lol

  • kkola

    Catherine has me weak, Verionca thinks she can go around being the big bad wolf. Now bitch you found your match.

  • Cruzan Love

    Welp, looks like Catherine is about to join her daughter….. I dont think Veronica is going to die, she’s the damn devil, Tyler Perry needs her in the script to make that money. But if both of them survive that fight, it will be good drama since they will be enemies. I cant wait!

  • Chrissy

    Catherine gave me all kinda chucky eyes in this episode – TF!

    • ZionLive

      her whole face kills me lol I don’t know if its too much botox or what but its so annoying but I like her as an actress

  • Twi Montana.

    I lowkey feel like Katherine’s gonna die and Veronica will get arrested, If not die then wounded.

  • LumpySpacePrincess

    Should I start watching this from season 1, y’all? I need something to binge watch

  • I’m sick of holy-ghost Hanna claiming to be “sorry” when she’s forever angry, resentful and jealous of her own child b/c her raggedy boyfriend molested her when she was 5. I hope Perry kills her boring, irritating, can’t-act-to-save-her-life, repetitive ass off b/c I’m done with these sanctimonious religious fakeasses, and portrayals of sorry hood mothers that ‘raise their daughters and love their sons’.

    These bird mothers are verbally (and often physically) abusive, impatient, overly critical and hateful towards their daughters. They raise them to survive and take care of themselves, push them out of the nest quickly, play the victim and downplay the abuse that came as a result of their negligence, uselessness and selfishness.

    When it comes to any piece of penis or males (Benny or Q), birds like Hanna have open arms and hearts; they’re loving, giving, supportive and understanding and turn them into pussies. They constantly bail them out of jail, give them money, beg the world for help when they get in trouble, defend their vile behavior, excuse their every fuck-up, cook their meals, fix their plates and provide them a nest to sleep at no cost. Overall, they create the 1000’s upon 1000’s of ineffectual incompetent males walking around who are incapable of financial independence or taking care of themselves, purchasing a home, opening a bank account or obtaining a license, and seek out weak females that will support them.

    Candace was abused under Hanna’s watch yet Hanna takes little responsibility for that and constantly pukes her bitterness all over her. Yeah, Candace is shady AF but it didn’t come from nowhere and Hanna acts as if Benny is perfect and doesn’t extend 1/4 of the same effort towards Candace. She’ll sit praying, begging and snotting by Benny’s beside but what kind of “mother” talks mad shit about a daughter to their brother?

  • Luana

    Lawd Catherine standing on the stairs all pale and shit gave me the creepssss

  • spiritualsherene

    Katherine READ Veronica UP AND DOWN for filth man….oooooooh😵

  • spiritualsherene

    Katherine GONE OFF A HER ROCKERS bwoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😤🔪🔪