Brit Awards 2016 Live Performances

Rihanna & Drake


The Weeknd


Justin Bieber

  • Zuri A.

    On first look I said to myself “When did the BET Awards get moved to February”

    • LondonLady8


  • luevenia scott


  • GOAT

    Rih was rusty, hope she will get it together before her tour

  • LondonLady8

    Rih had some DEAD whine!!! I aint even gonna speak on drake’s rhythm loool…we all knoww…

  • DeadlyKitten

    Rihanna did far better in terms of dancing during this performance, than she did in both videos.

  • Moschino

    rihanna boo i love you but singing and dancing u have to choose one boo

    • SunSignIsAries


  • Golgo 13

    fuck the brit awards

  • Chefelly Sabajo

    Damn i love rihanna but this was not the performance boo. Hope she gets it together for her tour.

  • Miss T

    Adele is a good singer, but I’m just not understanding all the hype surrounding her??? Average

    • Angels and Demons

      Sometimes i feel as if i’m to watch my back if I say shes average because I’m trying to see what people see. I think shes a great singer, but her artistry is not remarkable. But oh well, I agree with you

    • crazes

      Exactly and her Grammy performance was less than impressive but she still good artist I suppose.

  • La Dominicana Negra

    Rihanna lets me down every time. I’m going to stop watching live performances of my favorite songs by her…