Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show

  • Ruby

    Thanks for posting yardie! I’ve been waiting for just this all day 🙂

  • GOAT

    Slayerization… I can’t deal!

  • Best Halftime show in yearrrrrrrssssss….The entire show was Hotttttttttt!!!!

  • Dope

    Why must Beyonce slay my whole life?!! Here take it, you have snatched my edges.

    • akuakokoblogspotcom

      Super Bowl I hate you because now I have to wait a week to watch Kenya call Kim’s husband gay! How dare you?! #NoHousewives 🙄😢

  • lovelove2015

    Loved this!

  • Favoured Rama

    The tribute song got me emotional, very nice but short!!!

  • sisipawpaw

    Stupid Sky Sports buying the NFL games licence off of Channel 4. No American football for me this season 🙁

    At least I can catch the half time show. Thanks Yardie!

    • Michie

      Sorry you missed it Hun, it actually came on BBC2 this year as well as Sky Sports 🙁 it’s on demand if you’re interested in still watching it!

      • sisipawpaw

        I don’t believe in the Sky Sports package as the only sport I’m interested in is NFL. Not worth the extra £40 or so. But oh my days, it was on BBC2?! Nooo! When Broncos already won 🙁
        Thanks though luv

  • JMarieful

    Get in FORMATION ladies

  • kaybee luvurbeauty

    Im Just wondering if yall ready for Kenya to be talking about even Beyonce said twirl on ya haters 😉

    • mikster

      Lol finally kenya gets put on lol

    • GOAT

      FML.. You know that bish gonna be talking about it FOREVER (Cardi B voice)..

    • thenameischoco

      She already started as soon as the song came out on Saturday. *eye roll*

  • freequeensees : frequencies

    I was getting my life so hard to Bruno Mars, man! Gah! I had to watch it again. He’s just so funky and funny! I swear I heard a James Brown breakdown and started screaming. #extra

    • What The Hell Ever

      James and Hammer. Loved it!

      • freequeensees : frequencies

        Yep! So good!!!

  • DaysofWineandRoses

    Okay that lil’ dance off with Bruno’s gang and Beyonce’s gang gave me a chuckle, it was like watching Michael Jackson vs. Wesley Snipes back in the “BAD” video days, lol.

  • Laurainá_L’amour


  • Cubanita

    Bey getting thicker yaaaass , she slays as always

    • Zuri A.


      • Cubanita

        What’s that ?

        • Tae

          He was making a joke about her getting bigger calling her a BBW

          • Cubanita

            Ohhhh loool , thanks for telling me 🙂

  • Ms. Stay Focused

    They ALL did a great job NOT just Beyonce! Even though she slipped a bit you could hardly notice, she’s a true performer I give her that!

  • Favoured Rama

    No real housewives of Atlanta or Potomac today?

  • Abstruce

    So nobody’s gonna mention the Flower of Life in the middle of the stage? Then it turns into the galaxy swirl. Next, the sun… #SymbolLiteracy

  • Abstruce

    F*ck that. They have Bruno reppin the black man in the hip hop era. They have Beyoncé reppin the black women panthers. The black man and woman battle for attention for the white man to close out the ceremony with everyone singing about “believe in love.” If this ain’t some old tomfoolery with white supremacy ruling over the rebellious black woman and man… smh

    • Zuri A.

      I was gonna call bs but this comment is so on point

  • Favoured Rama

    When I watched this show i was very entertained and pleased with messages, but the controversy behind it oh boy, whether it was or wasn’t the right place the fact is the message as been sealed and delivered, to all those complainers #suckit#dealwithit#nowwhatsgoingtodoaboutit
    Beyoncé she such a pro, she nearly fell and end up turning it into double jump👍🏻👏🏽

  • BBianca

    I might be late but I live in London but I must ask…where’s the racism from beyonces performance?

  • BBianca

    It’s been 11 days and I’m still not over the audacity of Beyoncé & Bruno for literally stealing cold pays performance and destroying it!

  • LaTyra Daniels

    that was an awesome performance, they all did great!!